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The process he envisages is a technical procession similar to that which happened to desktop publishing and printing.
Some of them here and there had fine faces, still it was a procession of misery.
The driver couldn't pass, so joined the procession until he could turn off.
Leaning the bike causes procession of the wheels, turning the bike slightly and pulling it upright again.
As impossible as that a man should walk in procession at his own funeral.
Behind them the still- moving procession trails luminous streaks across the Pyrenees landscape.
And they will make their grand entrance on litters, during an elaborate procession led by elephants.
Dressed in their finest array, they go in procession through the village.
Sunday's procession was one of about 20 throughout the year in the area.
This fervent religious procession was such a physical, sensuous experience that I felt held a lot of meaning.
Any object can be described by a procession and recession.
She supposedly watched the procession from afar and immediately returned to exile.
Many a night one could observe a procession of torches carried by mourners as they proceeded up the mountain to bury their dead.
They worry that audiences will decline if racing becomes an orderly procession around a roomy track.
When you have a funeral procession, the people are doing more of a slow dirge.
No where near that amount of the evolutionary procession is missing.
Royal enthusiasts are arranging parties and camping out on the pavement along the procession route, hoping for a view.
The procession was part of that continuity which monarchs can bestow.
She fed me, gave me a place to sleep, and led me along in the dramatic religious procession that night.
The gear seemed to float from the landing site under a procession of brown blankets and turbans.
Slowly the procession wound into the realm of perpetual night.
Only one incident occurred to break the monotony of the curious procession.
One cannot ring the bells and walk in the procession.
Amory closed his eyes as the ghostly procession drew near.
He followed the procession barefoot, and was conducted to the church, and thence to his palace.
Meanwhile, other officers provided a dutiful escort for the procession.
The choir procession moves toward the stage, and files onto the risers as the song nears its end.
The procession began late, but all went well for the first few blocks.
That's because the obstacle holding up the traffic is a wedding procession, and to protest would be rude.
The protesters gathered lawfully, on a public area under police supervision, and did not interfere with the procession or service.

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