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Please allow ample time for ad copy and payment issues to be processed prior to this deadline.
Natural turkeys have been minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients or coloring added.
After acceptance, the text will then be processed by staff copy editors and fact checkers.
Tons of rock has to be removed and grease-processed.
The juice from the center of the plant is heated and processed to produce a syrup.
The jar lids will become concave if you've processed them correctly, but this doesn't happen until they've cooled.
Yet only four thousand have been processed, and of these a third have been denied.
Once harvested, the leaves and stems have to be processed rapidly or they will be destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet light.
Unconsciously, you'll have processed the right answer.
At the end of the causeway was a seawater-treatment plant, which processed seawater and pumped it back into the oil field.
One officer told us we'd be processed, arraigned, and probably back on the street by that afternoon.
And the volume of applications has taxed the admissions office, which processed a million pieces of paper this year.
Yes, it's known that the nervous system works as a system of processed information flows.
Then again, that might be how grants are actually processed.
Act as a preservative in jams and jellies, and a flavor enhancer in processed meats.
It is a past without extensive machinery or processed foods.
True, the recipes show their age every time canned potatoes or processed cheese make an appearance.
In their place, the bustle became a processing and a being processed.
Palm oil is a common ingredient in many processed foods.
Even if you have a light hand with the salt shaker, you probably get lots of sodium in processed or restaurant meals.
They processed the insincerity as rapidly as they processed the basic meaning of the words.
The grey water could either be used for irrigation or processed in a similar fashion to how sewage is processed now.
With the seat up, the system was convinced that a request was still being processed.
The next step is getting this information processed and back out to those communities impacted by unhealthy air.
Although the amygdala does not render processed visual information to consciousness, it is clearly still functioning.
The way organic foods are grown and processed is more closely monitored than other types of food production.
Instead it is easier and cheaper to eat fast food, packaged and processed foods.
But the technique was not effective if fish samples were processed or cooked.
That's more gruesome than processed cochineal for food coloring.
Changes or cancellations cannot be processed once an order has been placed.
No changes or cancellations can be processed once an order has been placed.
For almost everyone, lucrative contracts with big food companies encourage the use of fat-laden, salty processed ingredients.
Later, the target was changed to an office that processed new military enlistees.
It says paper tax returns might not be processed as quickly, which could delay refunds.
Basically, my job was to find the books on the shelves and put them on carts to be processed.
The current and prior image are then aligned and processed by subtracting the current image from the prior image.
So whatever equilibrium housing prices would have reached if foreclosures were processed quicker will still be where they end up.
The result is body your tongue can feel, more so in coffee made from naturally processed beans than from washed beans.
And the processed foods, cheaper and faster than local produce.
Until they're processed, they can't be properly searched.
It could be that other carcinogens, such as the nitrites found in processed meats, play a significant role.
Testing is also difficult in highly processed foods.
Even an organic cereal can be junk if it is highly refined, processed and high in sugar content.
For makers of processed nosh, costly raw materials are a problem.
Against that, processed carbohydrates feature less prominently.
Which works synergistically with the tendency of processed food to evoke less of of a hunger satiation response.
The large volume of data that must be processed once it has been converted into digital form presents a serious challenge.
Shearer now carefully inspects every tree before cutting and has been using metal detectors to check every trunk being processed.
The whiff of pigs being slaughtered hangs over those parts not covered by the aroma of coffee being processed.
Most of what is on offer is either packaged or carbonated, and is always processed.
To meet demand in the emerging megacities, more processed food is being sold in supermarkets and less raw food in markets.
Computing offices calculated ballistics trajectories, processed census statistics and charted the course of comets.
The reason is that cheap, rapid gene-sequencing technology means cancer genomes can now be processed on an industrial scale.
Supplements composed of insect protein could be added to processed food and perhaps also to animal feed.
More striking still is the speed with which the raw data are being processed.
Previously, foreign workers faced weeks of waiting to have their papers processed.
Only then can the data be processed-and an averaged-out quintuple generated.
Payment by check is preferable as a cancelled check is proof payment has been received by us and registration has been processed.
When beef is processed into ground beef, the chances of contamination rise significantly.
If you ordered directly from us, please note that it takes a few days for a payment to be processed.
The chemical is used as a thickener in many processed foods.
The researchers found that viewing happy body postures increased activity only in brain regions that processed visual information.
Tap water has to be processed, which takes energy and costs money.
Within minutes, the data will be processed and a summary diagnosis sent back into the field.
If not processed and cooked properly, manioc is poisonous.
Recycled paperboard is processed into more paperboard, paper towel rolls and even paper backing for roof shingles.
Because he believed in developing film on site, he processed thousands of feet of film in a base camp darkroom tent.
Now the wait began for the signals to be computer-processed into images.
Some processed foods contain ingredients that come from animal sources.
Textiles, or cloth, are made from the dried and processed fibers of certain plants.
The oil can be extracted and further processed to make a range of fuels, including diesel and jet fuel, as well as other products.
The remaining sludge is processed to recover cobalt, which is used to make battery electrodes.
Inside the brain, information is processed in parallel, and computation and memory are entwined.
All of the protein, minerals, and nutrients remain and are processed to make feed for animals.
The signal is processed by electronics and sent to a tiny vibrating piston implanted against the small bones in the middle ear.
Then they processed the particles to remove any extra surface charge, which can make the otherwise safe polymers toxic.
Depending on how it's processed, silk can be made to break down inside the body almost instantly or to persist for years.
Polymers can be processed in less stringent conditions--at room temperature and in the open air.
Data is processed and then transmitted via radio frequency to a receiver.
Inside, the powders for the cathodes and anodes are processed in large containers designed to minimize contamination.
Each island can be processed to include transistors, sensors, or materials for tiny solar cells.
In a human mind, all of the connections are in parallel, and can be rapidly processed.
It processed voices acoustically with no regard to the language spoken and no use of keyword recognition.
Most processed foods contain emulsifiers and stabilizers, which enhance texture and prevent ingredients from separating.
And since each type can only be recycled with its own kind, plastics need to be carefully sorted before they can be processed.
So had areas that processed tactile information, suggesting the animal had an acute sense of touch.
Must be heavily post processed to enhance brightness and color.
The plates were processed into the present compressed digital format with their permission.
Then the wood is processed until it is ready to be shaped into any sized bone you require.
But he suspects that the underlying processed would be similar.
And even the processed health food is pretty much junk.
Minimize your consumption of processed and fast food.
Lose your vision, and the lobe that processed light may repurpose itself for other senses.
She eventually weaned him off processed foods and retained custody.
Licensing means the application process goes through a law enforcement agency, rather than being processed by a gun dealer.

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