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Many of the firms they want to float have high levels of leverage, and their owners will need to use the proceeds to reduce it.
Most of the time, this ancient symbiosis proceeds amicably.
Proceeds from each sale go directly to the artists as well as their home communities.
Proceeds will support music education in the community.
The proceeds it makes from selling the phones go to supporting various conservation groups, primarily zoos.
For a week or two, the spider proceeds living as normal.
And best of all, the proceeds go to three local nonprofits.
Proceeds will be used to make acquisitions, increase spending in the engineering divisions and buy back shares.
During an academic career, your response to low student achievement proceeds through several stages.
Each proceeds to play down the role of his own country.
Companies have an easier time dedicating marketing funds as a sponsor if they know proceeds are going to charity.
Science proceeds by firstly finding out what is happening before the hows and whys are answered.
Ticket proceeds are used to support landscape design scholarships at three local community colleges.
Proceeds are earmarked for programs of day care and follow-up care for its patients.
Net proceeds from watch collection sales support vital exploration, conservation, research and education programs.
Of course evolution proceeds in the direction of complexity.
Gale has cancer, and proceeds from the concert are to go toward his medical expenses.
They ought to learn that science is about understanding the world and that it proceeds in stages.
Fringe will doubtless gain steam as the season proceeds.
So, the student proceeds to do poorly and doesn't turn in lab reports.
The proceeds can be used to subsidize unsubsidized movies.
Proceeds from the single went to a charity to help bring music and instruments back to the city.
All proceeds from this power source could go to the residents in the form of lower utility bills or lower property taxes.
Integration by regulation proceeds under the voters' indifferent gaze.
Proceeds from the sale of the participation kits will help fund the legacy project.
Perhaps the apparent accelerating expansion of the universe proceeds more slowly in condensed matter.
All proceeds will go towards pancreatic cancer research.
The proceeds from the utilities' allowances will go toward rate relief and other customer benefits.
However, the temptation has been to invest the proceeds elsewhere.
Jeff shifts his truck into low gear and proceeds carefully forward.
Fund environmental and population control efforts with the proceeds.
Proceeds go to scholarships, summer camps and eye care.
The proceeds of the drug trade are deposited in the banking system.
But you'll see that for yourself as the blog proceeds in the future.
They should borrow money in the bond market and invest the proceeds in shares.
Some clubs are said to be using player transfers to launder the proceeds of drug-trafficking.
The plainest answer to that question is that much depends on how the war proceeds.
In both books, villains plotted to sell the real paintings to collectors and pocket the proceeds.
He has announced that he will donate proceeds from the stock options to charity.
Proceeds supported conservation of rare marine turtles.
These aquatic impacts must be considered even when drilling proceeds according to plan.
For those that aren't, the proceeds are often contributed to a good cause.
Proceeds went to support a special fund for environmental causes.
Khanty-Mansi's regional capital, scene of the holiday revelries, is being rebuilt with oil-tax proceeds.
He then proceeds to pull silk from her bottom with a tiny reel, sometimes for eight hours at a stretch.
The next step, digestion, also proceeds at a leisurely rate.
Swing your arm through the air and the motion proceeds freely and fluidly from one point in space to the next.
They showed that false vacuum decay proceeds via the nucleation of bubbles in the false vacuum.
The storage and processor power issues will go away, but tackling the third problem proceeds as it has always done, slowly.
The machines also have an audit log to help catch insiders who might skim proceeds.
Each of these rhythmic systems proceeds from the unconscious dynamic habit of the language, falling from the lips of the folk.
Whilst the eternal generation of circles proceeds, the eternal generator abides.
He alters his mind as the work proceeds, and will have this or that convenience more, of which he had not thought when he began.
The tint of the flower proceeds from its root, and the lustres of the sea-shell begin with its existence.
Hence proceeds the interruption every fourth year, in the cycle of the dominical letters.
It starts more or less normally, but grows increasingly deranged as it proceeds.
The book becomes steadily less engaging as it proceeds.
Before long, however, he found he could support himself on the proceeds of his writing.
When the couple separated, they sold the house, dividing the proceeds.
The casinos provide the gaming and generally split the proceeds with the junket operators.
The ringleaders manipulate elections with the proceeds to keep friendly officials in power.
It would also reduce proceeds from land sales, on which local governments rely for revenues.
Still, as long as the recovery proceeds, the debate cannot be put off forever.
Rather, the personality cult proceeds from powerful myths about race and history.
And even those companies that do try to share the proceeds from commercial crowdsourcing are not safe.
After a joint operation by state and federal authorities, the proceeds are split.
In the rest of the city, such work proceeds with simple hand tools.
The proceeds of growth would be shared between higher public spending and lower taxes.
In simple terms, the world buys from these countries and they then invest the net proceeds in financial markets.
Proceeds from the book will got to a yet-to-be-named charity.
In presidential politics, little proceeds according to plan.
So as the work proceeds at the secret location, it's letting the public eavesdrop through the webcam.
From those proceeds, he launched his life-size ready-to-wear collection.
Lucent said it will use the proceeds for general corporate purposes.
Proceeds from the event benefit the minority medical student organization.
All proceeds go to support local and national hunger organizations.
Finally the city could split any parking proceeds with the church.

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