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Some of the skeleton is still in the ground, and the parts that have been excavated are locked up in bankruptcy proceedings.
It seems to me the authorities left a lot to be desired in their proceedings.
Mason shuttled between stations, monitoring proceedings in his vehicle.
They receive milder prison sentences and higher damages in simulated legal proceedings.
The experimenter watched the proceedings from across the table.
Her behaviour during the proceedings of this case would have landed her in jail for contempt of court in any western judiciary.
Many governments are trying to shake up their lethargic legal systems in order to speed up bankruptcy proceedings.
In a second trial, for tax evasion, the proceedings were suspended and can be resumed immediately.
At their urging, prosecutors across the continent have launched proceedings.
Court proceedings begin for killing-spree suspect.
Despite the good cheer, there's a wistful undertone to the proceedings.
The appellate panel's ruling sends the case back to the district court for further proceedings.
At that point their chanting became audible in the conference room but wasn't loud enough to disrupt the closed-door proceedings.
Even after an indictment, proceedings could be slowed by mental-health issues.
With lawsuits and grievances you can turn the blame outward, whether or not such proceedings get your job back.
In other cases agency never made itself manifest and remained mysterious even to those in charge of the proceedings.
For those not attending, it also extends the community of the audience to those who are following the proceedings offline.
Rehnquist's argument boiled down to a simple idea: the need for finality in legal proceedings can sometimes trump fairness.
But that's not to say that the proceedings could not have been redeemed.
Mirza is unaware of these deductions and, eager to make his escape, does not ask questions that might complicate the proceedings.
The secret proceedings of book clubs in the city and beyond.
The proceedings of book clubs in the city and beyond.
The video was not made public in any of the subsequent court proceedings, nor has there been any public government mention of it.
The put-on elevates the fraudulent and debases the true, rendering the entire proceedings questionable.
Most days, after the proceedings, he proclaims his innocence to the reporters in the first-floor lobby.
The proceedings were polite, the questions pertinent, the discourse intelligent.
It's not as though the cameras can politicize the proceedings any more than they already, integrally, are.
But the genteel proceedings seem to have made the case's significance look smaller.
The position of the government is to help these people during the legal proceedings.
The legal proceedings for their removal also failed.
The proceedings gave rise to a stream of pamphlet literature on both sides.
Nothing could be more impressive than the order and solemnity of the proceedings.
The afternoon papers had forecasts of the next day's proceedings in flaring headlines.
They follow the proceedings with the liveliest interest, quick to detect cant of any sort, should any stray in.
The promotions and tenure proceedings of a university are fundamental to the preservation of academic freedom.
What's more, instead of definitively reversing the decision, it has remanded the case for-you guessed it-more legal proceedings.
Once, when all her party officials were lined up for a picture, she stopped the proceedings cold.
Once foreclosure proceedings begin on one's mortgage, one clock starts to tick away.
It also permits the old rite for weddings, funerals and other liturgical proceedings.
More worrisome, they have been denied access to legal counsel and face trial proceedings sealed to the public.

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