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Federal court to decide if online copyright suit can proceed.
If the court decides not to reissue a preliminary injunction, the case could then proceed to trial.
These two processes require oxygen in order to proceed.
But then we proceed directly to a moment of hard truth.
When new leaves appear, proceed with layering.
Safety rests on a complex system of signals that tell drivers when they can proceed.
You are then free to proceed to worrying about other things.
Some landslides proceed at a snail's pace downslope, causing property damage.
Contact the escrow company, they will inform you how to proceed.
We now proceed further with our assumption.
Once introduced to the vacuum cleaner, its mechanical nature may overexcite him and cause him to proceed with inappropriate haste.
The instability of the evolutionary trees being produced should make us proceed with caution.
Our science does not proceed simply by collecting new evidence.
We had no way to reset the exposure and were therefore committed to proceed.
But their proposal is now looking increasingly unlikely to proceed.
The more serious the possible complications-not matter how unlikely-the less likely he or she is to proceed.
And the moment a change is introduced, the process must begin anew, since the staff is flummoxed as to how to proceed once again.
Whether science makes this option a consideration or not, humans will not let it proceed.
Evolution will proceed and what ever happens, so be it.
They are concerned about the wording of the bill that has loopholes which will actually allow hydraulic fracturing to proceed.
Demise, after a short period of lucidity, can proceed rapidly due to intracranial bleeding.
They then proceed to throw all the bread into the water.
The accord failed to gain unanimous support, and negotiators returned home with no clarity on how to proceed.
The biosphere is severely damaged from existing population levels and the sixth extinction will proceed to its conclusion.
And you know it's a trap but you have no choice but to proceed, which means you sometimes proceed overcautiously.
The engravings have been removed to allow construction of the highway to proceed.
Countries are supposed to reach an agreement about whether the projects should proceed, and if so, under what conditions.
The eagle that is in midair did proceed to knock off the one on the stump.
The entries selected in round one will proceed to round two.
Still, it only makes good sense to proceed with caution.
He spied an open doorway and stood paralyzed, unsure whether to proceed.
If you don't, the application will will not proceed with the installation.
After an enforced wait of two days, clearance to proceed came down from on high.
They silently rise from the table and proceed outside.
Traditional court-led resolutions used by ordinary companies proceed too slowly.
There is widespread disagreement about how to proceed.
So even his own sister's government will have to proceed cautiously.
When one becomes disabled all of those behind it cannot proceed.
But once the transition was over, business would proceed with investment limited by savings.
It is our intention to proceed from here with the investigation of the nature of the comic.
Table manners must, of course, proceed slowly in exactly the same way that any other lessons proceed in school.
There shall wee see whether my discourse proceed from my heart, or from my mouth.
But the governor and that side kept their place still, and would not proceed.
Farmers who turned in higher bids can proceed with their regular spring planting routines.
The president directs that planning proceed for a rescue.
Presidential-primary races tend to proceed along self-reflexive lines.
When the stock has cooked for a few hours, remove the vegetables together with the meat, and proceed as described above.
One day she and her boyfriend bring food and marijuana over to the writers house and proceed to get drunk and stoned.
Roundups proceed practically unnoticed in supermarket parking lots, on the streets, and in expensive new developments.
But the government, unfazed by its own weak bargaining position, decided to proceed.
His plots proceed by verbal connection and elaboration as much as by character interaction.
Things were done this way not because it was right, but because it was the cheapest and easiest way to proceed.
So he concluded that the family could proceed toward trial to see if they could prove their clams against the bank.
But in anticipation of the visit, it's important to critically examine how to proceed from here.
Rickover directed me to proceed with the simulated voyage.
But little guidance is given on how to proceed with that task.
Not surprisingly, it recommended that the supersonic project proceed.
Characters travel from place to place and perform sometimes violent actions, but the novel doesn't proceed along a plot line.
But this may perhaps proceed from a want of forethought, which prevents their seeing a danger till it be present.
The idea that there are good people and bad people is not the way to proceed in fiction.
Sadly, he will give no ground on the layoffs, which he intends to see happen before contract negotiations can proceed.
When the paste is perfectly dry, but not before, proceed to beat the pig violently with the handle of a large broom.
Ordinarily chemists can't mix together their reactants until the instant they're ready for the reaction to proceed.
What's more, the fuel will need to be modified to ensure that the reactions don't proceed too quickly.
However in retrospect there does seem to have been a lot of disagreement between the various parties as to which way to proceed.
The hafnium complex makes it possible for the reaction to proceed in ambient conditions, but it gets used up during the reaction.
For many simple actions, such as walking, these computations proceed more or less independently.
Let research proceed along other lines that respect the dignity of every human individual at every stage of development.
And indeed, much of the day-to-day operation of the ship does proceed this way, with discipline rather strictly enforced.
But the mistake had been to proceed without him from the beginning.
My feeling is that the trial will proceed without those secrets' ever being revealed.
Scientific endeavors rarely proceed without unforeseen complications.
Science editors will be evaluating how best to proceed.
The catalyst on the surface of the wire made the combustion of the alcohol proceed at a faster rate.
But some biologists still argued that evolution might proceed by giant leaps.
All that is completely mixed-up, because science does not proceed phenomenon by phenomenon.
Dolphins are born in the water and then proceed to spend nearly every moment from that point until they die swimming.
Let's stop the name-calling and proceed with the science.
Evolutionary change continues to this day, and it will proceed so long as life itself exists.
While the atoms proceed through this event and on to others, the event goes the other way.
One possibility is that the infusion of healthy donor cytoplasm might allow development to proceed when it otherwise would not.
Mammalian evolution could not proceed further, because there wasn't enough room in the skull to accommodate more brain tissue.
For evolution to proceed, new genes must be installed from the outside.
Apparently fusion of deuterium could proceed in the layer immediately above the core in such objects.
If there is a useful point to make or something about this that is relevant to discuss, then please proceed.
Fisher showed, for example, how natural selection could proceed through the spread of lots of mutations with tiny effects.
The best way to proceed is first to describe what happened, and then to speculate about causes and consequences.
Intelligent people proceed blindly, turning aside from escape and exile even at the direst moments.
These hearings were conducted in order to determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed with the process.
The merger would need approval by two-thirds of both chambers to proceed.
If you are stuck and unable to proceed, ask for a slight push in the right direction.
Colleges and universities can proceed with a lot of valuable work even when they are under intense political pressure.
They informed me that they would not be able to proceed with the hire.
Even if a potential donor understands and accepts these risks, that doesn't necessarily mean the operation should proceed.
And after a few notably fiery fits and starts, there appears to be a real consensus among health officials about how to proceed.

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