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They argued that experimental drugs and procedures were not covered by their policies because they had not been deemed effective.
Knowledge of budget preparation and accounting principles and procedures.
The root problem, in my opinion, about airport security is the whole concept of vigilance through procedures.
Presidential candidates must address unneeded medical technology and procedures as part of health care reform.
Inside my home, sterilization procedures are used on all utensils.
The whole process is a series of procedures targeted to one end product, beer.
The military has long-standing procedures in place for designing and executing aerial missions.
Spokesmen for the hospital have provided only sketchy details of these procedures.
Principals and procedures related to technical aspects of grant project.
Such ministerial fiats have questionable legal authority and procedures for monitoring and ensuring compliance are often opaque.
The bottle labels also carry no warnings about human toxicity or usage procedures.
Current cancer screening often requires painful procedures and weeks of waiting to obtain results.
Ethical questions have been raised about the procedures.
Of course, there are formal appeal procedures outlined in the application form, but no one is reading.
The desire for an agreed set of procedures for a public-debt default is not new.
Take the body fat removed during liposuction procedures.
The letter should focus on how the attempt to dismiss violates established policy and procedures at the university.
As conditions continue to change, space agencies will need to reevaluate their launch procedures to avoid increased risk, he said.
There are more than four million surgical procedures performed annually worldwide.
Recommend improvements to existing procedures and business processes.
Provides supervision with a broad framework of standard policies and procedures.
New procedures had therefore been put into place to tackle this threat.
We are currently reviewing our internal procedures to do our best to ensure that this type of mistake does not happen again.
Recommend and implements improvements to existing procedures.
Airplane pilots rely upon checklists to ensure that both routine procedures and emergency responses are handled appropriately.
Another problem is the watering down of tough requirements and procedures as new members join.
Awareness and safety procedures lag far behind those in more developed economies.
Problems with emergency equipment and disaster procedures are far more pervasive than publicly described.
The company says auditing procedures would catch any vote fraud.
Your radiation-safety committee is responsible for the policies and procedures for acquiring and using such materials.
It has increased the tax on unfarmed land, and speeded up expropriation procedures.
Knowledge of security procedures can speed the system and ease your delays and frustration.
The team concluded, however, that a number of these safety and health procedures were not followed on a regular basis.
Develops processes and procedures for operation of grant in compliance with terms of grant.
The two countries have now agreed to co-operate on improving monitoring and quarantine procedures for traded food.
Some even contend that fragrances can help reduce anxiety during medical procedures.
The sulfur is a by-product of emergency procedures taken immediately after the accident.
The benefits also would cover hormones and other procedures.
Must have strong human relations with the ability to interpret and apply college policies and procedures.
She is now suspended on full pay-pending disciplinary procedures.
Newer procedures measure infrared radiation from recently formed planets.
Their report will no doubt apportion blame and recommend changes in maintenance procedures.
In fact, it may increase it by increasing the number of invasive medical procedures carried out.
Explaining the unpleasantness and futility of the procedures does not seem to make much difference, either.
Procedures should be easy and well publicized and make sense.
Each organization has different policies on donations and procedures for packing.
Being aware of your surroundings and strictly adhering to safety procedures is essential in these conditions.
Tell me about your experiences with law enforcement and the procedures you have gone through.
Experts say more informative imaging could dramatically reduce the number of unnecessary procedures.
Mice are often used as a model for developing human drugs and medical procedures.
The university said it had improved lab equipment, training, and procedures.
Inadequate testing procedures were to blame for what followed.
Colleges trying to craft procedures for dealing with students with mental-health issues don't need to be on their own.
Further procedures have made incredible difference in cognitive function for me.
University officials acknowledged deficiencies in current procedures and said they would consider the audit's recommendations.
Unlike scientific journal articles, book publication does not require any adherence to formal peer review procedures.
Many, many patients have had their procedures covered by insurance.
She notes that heroic life-saving procedures often cause patients additional physical and emotional pain.
But those remedies now include more than six thousand drugs and four thousand medical and surgical procedures.
Surgeons have often touted procedures that ultimately proved to be disappointing.
Medical companies and specialists profiting from the excess of scans and procedures will get squeezed.
It has depended on a self-regulating nuclear industry and the industry was indifferent and even hostile to safety procedures.
The elaborate vetting procedures and stratospheric prices are ways of creating artificial scarcity.
She develops treatment-allocation procedures that use accruing data to produce better predictive estimates.
To extend the lesson, have students research volcano safety procedures and include that information in their report.
Almost daily foreign teams visited the coast to survey the damage and prescribe cleanup procedures, but little action followed.
The process is methodical, mathematical, and much more likely to find cancer than current diagnostic procedures.
Patients tend to recover more quickly from such procedures than they would going under the knife.
Last year's fall was partly owing to new safety procedures, which helped reduce the industry's fatality rate.
Subsequent portents were missed, procedures altered and tests muffed which should have saved the rig.
However, the companies have changed their procedures in different ways.
In addition, you will contribute to the automation of procedures.
But the actual procedures for co-ordination have barely been spelt out, let alone rehearsed.
Red tape and corruption are still a plague, and court procedures are lengthy and inconsistent.
Considers physical and verbal as well as electronic use and storage of information in formulating policies and procedures.
Still, few colleges have procedures in place to handle the practice, so relatively little is done to stop it.
For many of us, the term conjures up an image of a biomedical setting and procedures such as the collection of blood samples.
When you travel for business or pleasure, it helps to familiarize yourself with the standard operating procedures of hotels.
Such batteries can potentially leak in-flight and require special handling procedures during air travel.
Doctors have developed procedures that freeze tumors, while others heat them up or allow doctors to combine radiation and surgery.
Procedures are a cash cow for hospitals and specialists.
Venturing out requires not only warm clothing but also almost spacewalk procedures.
Regulatory agencies are nervous of changing procedures.
The company tries to use methods and procedures that reduce impact on underwater life and minimize changes to coastal morphology.
Big clinical trials-to test new drugs or procedures-generate reams of important data about safety and efficacy.
These reckonings allow for easy comparisons of a variety of different drugs and procedures.
But one scientist hopes to do away with bone replacement procedures by actually rebuilding bone inside the body.
With thin melanomas, outpatient procedures under local anesthesia are sufficient.
The agency did, however, find that the company had inadequate procedures for dealing with emergencies.
There is plenty of time for developing and refining procedures.
But the best thing about it is that all the emergency procedures worked as advertised.
Most people who undergo coronary angioplasty procedures receive stents.
Mathematicians don't accept infinite procedures as true solutions.
There are bugs tougher than any of the decontamination procedures they employ.
Standardized collection procedures were observed, situational variables were tracked.
Newspapers and magazines are responsible for establishing procedures for fact-checking, which staff members must then follow.
It's my understanding that they've had a record of neglecting numerous safety procedures.
Please consult a pediatric neurosurgeon or a craniofacial surgeon to discuss treatment procedures.
Younger patients have fewer additional medical problems that preclude aggressive, high-risk procedures.
Their thoughts go well beyond the mechanization of quotations and reporting procedures that is currently in progress.
The supervisor marked the spot electronically and launched rescue procedures.
Many scientific arguments eventually devolve into disputes over details and procedures that are difficult for outsiders to judge.
And the disease is almost entirely preventable by following standard food safety procedures.
Doing more procedures then will cost you money, not mint money.
Following an intensive screening and selection process the donor endures a few weeks of invasive medical procedures.
We wondered for a minute if the procedures were going to change yet again.
The level of detail could revolutionize epilepsy treatment by allowing for less invasive procedures to detect and treat seizures.
Successfully removing one involves thousands of dollars in laser surgery, often with multiple procedures.
Personalized medicine does not fit easily into established government procedures for approving drugs.
To perform procedures, surgeons sit at a console across the room from the patient.
The team hasten to emphasize the safety procedures that must be used during such an experiment.
The drug heparin is widely used to prevent blood from clotting in medical procedures ranging from dialysis to open-heart surgery.
In doing so, it could serve as an advanced guide for surgical procedures, such as brain-tumor removal and epilepsy surgery.
Only as the procedures mature can such matters be evaluated.
With drug-coated stents, known as drug-eluting stents, such repeat procedures dropped to the single digits.
Another area where the project could have an impact, he says, is in the transparency of clinical trials procedures and results.
And because of this limitation of the networks themselves, no improvement in learning procedures will help.
They already have or can easily obtain the few new approvals required as it doesn't require cross border procedures.
What happened next would have been the stuff of routine-procedures followed countless times.
He is suspicious of employing the usual narrative procedures.
Deadlines are not the only problems inmates face in trying to comply with the grievance procedures of their facilities.
Every painting is special, and every special painting determines the procedures which may be used to preserve it.
When he sought clearer procedures from general officers, he was told merely to use his judgment.
They ought to place themselves in the position of those who could benefit from new genetic procedures.
Then it hopes they will return for higher-margin procedures such as dental implants and orthodontics.
Most plastic surgery procedures are considered non-essential, or elective.

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