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Example sentences for proboscis

The park is popular for its walking trails and abundant wildlife that includes bearded pigs and proboscis monkeys.
The researchers were astonished to find clocks ticking all over the fly's body-in the wings, the legs, the proboscis.
Proboscis monkeys are losing habitat at an alarming rate.
The bug's serrated proboscis touches the skin's nerves at fewer points than it would if smooth.
The mites wait inside a flower for a moth to insert its long proboscis, then climb along the proboscis to the ear.
Up a tree and out of gas, a proboscis monkey takes a snooze.
Morphos use their long, strawlike proboscis to feed on the juices of rotting rain-forest fruits.
Taken through a microscope, this photo shows the bug's eye and proboscis.
They acquired a proboscis they could push into their hosts to drink blood.
Taken through a microscope, this image shows the insect's eye and proboscis.
Let him beware that his proboscis is not bitten off in the engagement.
He holds it next to the dissected shark's proboscis, whose odor is beginning to waft, and not pleasantly.
After only one or two trials, many bees learned to stick out their tonguelike proboscis in anticipation of a sugary droplet.
The delicate wake produced by the immersion of the proboscis was a special feature of the performance.
When the proboscis is extended, the bee appears to be sticking out its tongue.
The more saliva she pours down one tube in her proboscis, the faster she can suck up blood through another.
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