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Many of us see clearly what is problematic about such actions.
Distinguishing between science and pseudoscience is problematic.
Here is where the best-of-the-decade rule became a little problematic.
On the other hand, structural unemployment in the economy may not be quite as problematic as is widely feared.
Computer security has been particularly problematic for the lab.
The next step will be a treatment study to see if certain medications help to reduce the problematic impulses.
His failure to care for himself has been problematic for a long time now.
Rankings based on perceptions are particularly problematic.
The inability to ensure a ready supply is also problematic.
Police admit that enforcing such laws is problematic at best.
Also problematic could be the small fortune she stands to make from her shocking and, at times, steamy book.
Understanding it does not fix it or even make it less problematic.
His case is in many ways unexceptional: ghastly crime, substantial but problematic evidence, inept defense lawyer.
Those who feel they have particularly problematic sentences are invited to the blackboard.
It cannot be mortgaged and selling usage rights or buildings can be legally problematic.
The information generated identified three problematic flights.
Most problematic of all is when star employees decide to look for work elsewhere.
Highly problematic for those cheering for a meltdown.
Which could prove to be more than a little problematic.
Most problematic of all, modern services require skilled workers, not the unskilled type that poor countries have in abundance.
Methamphetamine is popular in this area and particularly problematic for law enforcement.
Squeezing taxes, if not blood, out of this particular stone will prove immensely problematic.
On the other hand, if you really do think the paper is deeply problematic as per his comments, there's always self-immolation.
The development of lithium deposits is particularly problematic.
Prevalence and patterns of problematic sleep among older adolescents.
Rather, they suggest that engaging in practices that could be viewed as extremist might be problematic to the grant committee.
Then they argued over whether it would become problematic.
But, they also suffer from the rather problematic side effect of being highly artificial.
He does concede, however, that religion's role in the contemporary world is more problematic.
Religious beliefs can be problematic but you can't stick them in a box.
It is at times a problematic experience when the balance gets out of whack.
Many individual problematic drugs make an appearance here.
Balancing competing interests is never easy and in times of change it becomes particularly problematic.
They are not comfortable and make having a normal conversation problematic.
Major solutions emerge out of major problematic situations.
We are all aware that using lecture slides comes with some pretty problematic baggage.
Compounding matters is the problematic location of the power and volume buttons.
Obviously, these issues can be problematic and have made the experience even more challenging than it might have been.
No guarantee that fancy gimmicks won't be problematic for second owners.
Of these, the gap between government expenditure and revenues is particularly problematic.
Even uses of e-mail that you think are appropriate may prove problematic.
What would be more problematic would be a human hybrid with a non-human primate.
Applying the biological species concept to these guys gets problematic.
But what the precise contents of the further clause may be is problematic.
For people with our disorder, the drying phase seems to be the problematic one.
But experience is a problematic argument, especially when voters are hungry for a new beginning.
In places, it was clear that a fall to either side would be highly problematic.
Both overlap during winter, but the clinal variation makes identification problematic.
But by now, both mbira and thumb piano are so widely disseminated that they're pretty much inescapable, however problematic.
Walks have always been problematic, but they are slowly getting better.
In my experience, it is rare that all reviews for one manuscript are problematic.
It's problematic when you have academicians professing to have all of the right answers too.
Critics rightly worry that the growing tax breaks are problematic on two grounds.
Being a scientist makes spontaneous blogging on some topics problematic.
The overly-stigmatized ritual is only problematic when junk food boxes and bags are emptied in a matter of hours, not days.
Most problematic was the danger of a spark at the bottom of the pan setting the box on fire.
Occupy does not completely abandon any of these occasionally problematic technologies.
But it's noteworthy and problematic that they were approached.
Grant is problematic, as all humans are problematic.
City rankings can be problematic-but they can also be useful.
But it can also create a problematic sense of distance between our users and us.
Or that political science, which at its foundation is primarily the study of applied ethics, is so frequently problematic.
But the problematic part was that they were students at a design school.
But the temporary nature of the payroll-tax holiday is especially problematic when applied to employers.
With a disease so horrible, and treatment problematic, prevention is the mainstay of public health.
Moreover, the economic effects would be problematic.
The overwhelming cost of the combined rate cuts made them arithmetically problematic as a permanent change to the code.
Indeed, one of the strongest themes in the text is the problematic nature of boys.
Other do-it-yourself methods can be even more problematic.
Painting was a gamble, and photography was problematic.
There's a notable, but not problematic, resistance to the action.
Whatever the explanation, the divergence is problematic, and not only for theoretical reasons.
Instead, they are able to intelligently steer clear of situations that trigger problematic desires.
Cost-cutting concerns aside, sourcing news from novices can be problematic.
The lack of backlighting is reported to be easier on the eyes, though problematic for night reading.
Securing them over your head can be problematic, though, especially if you're wearing a helmet.
Unfortunately, running more than a handful of these widgets simultaneously proves problematic.
For advertisers and content creators alike, that's problematic.
As to some problematic pages in our history-yes, we've had them.
The writer is someone for whom language is problematic, who experiences its depth, not its usefulness or its beauty.
Intent becomes problematic within individual minds, and still more so in connection with national policy.
However, this rocket failure is a bit more problematic.
And while too much solar activity could be deadly, too little of it is problematic as well.
Slightly more problematic for the backyard miner is that the metals in dirt often exist in the form of oxides.
When applied to science, especially in politicized areas, this media norm becomes extremely problematic.
But describing differences in shape invariably turns out to be problematic.
Human life is always messy and problematic, the poor will always be with us and also wars, etc.
Some might suggest that a solution could involve simply moving our planet farther away from the problematic sun.
But building an interferometer to find even smaller planets is problematic.
Fresh vegetables, on the other hand, are problematic.
And powered, sustainable flight is a problematic concept.
Its place in comics history remains problematic, if not illusory.
Even garden-variety vaccines are problematic right now.
These two works represent two sides of the art world, both problematic.
H ow to stop them-even how to pinpoint responsibility-is more than problematic.
The range made long trips problematic and it would always seem cramped.
Electrically connecting these hairy fibers is problematic.
The new study is more limited in scope, focusing on treatment that is easier to study and less problematic.
Clinical detection of these spreading, or metastatic, cancer cells is problematic.
Ironically, some other proposed solutions were more problematic than the worm itself.
Without a new power grid, wind generation is also problematic.
Such a discovery also minimizes the need for engineers to redesign products so they won't require problematic components.
We're replacing coal with less problematic sources of electricity and will continue to do so at ever accelerating rates.
Distance also continues to be problematic for quantum cryptography.
But it actually has many medical uses where animal-derived products can be problematic.
It's not clear how widely used the problematic test is versus another method.
Finding makeup dates this late in the season can be problematic.
Parking can be problematic, as you will need to either find street parking or pay to park in a lot.
To scientists, these problematic pals are known as ambivalent friends.
Marijuana use can be problematic but only rarely leads to addiction.
Blood clots can form inside pumps, so patients must live on anticoagulants, which increase the chance for problematic bleeding.
Especially problematic, the authors argue, is the perception of different timelines for dealing with these issues.
The impact on the life of the mind is less problematic.
The reason is that they keep the really problematic stuff, essentially equity, on their balance sheets.
Restructuring of all of that debt would be problematic, and potentially destabilising.
But as the recession deepens, the less problematic this becomes.
To put people in prison for non-violent crimes is both expensive and problematic.
This, while unfortunate, is something that will smooth out on its own over the years and isn't problematic.
Some would describe this type of result as problematic.
Techie language aside, that explanation is problematic.
But getting timely and accurate information to imperiled communities is problematic.
That's especially problematic when it comes to protecting endangered or threatened species.

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