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Redness, puffiness, and bleeding upon probing indicate inflammation and possible periodontal disease.
Yes, indeed, this book is a probing of the nature and meaning of history and memory.
Probing beneath the smooth dark coating of the luxury craft, she found darker truths concealed.
Since then, researchers have been probing how such a sunstone might have worked.
Probing the human brain directly presents great medical and ethical hurdles.
These noses are always on the move alternating between foraging, smelling and probing as they move around their exhibit.
Current probing methods can only reach the upper third of the intestine.
Cases that do not improve may need to be opened by a probing procedure.
The researchers are now probing the limits of this new preservation technique.
Rather, researchers were probing on a far smaller scale, investigating the life expectancy of subatomic quarks.
They ask us probing questions, forcing us out of the groove of our memorized speeches.
The trouble is that only a few of the works in the show confine themselves to probing this inconsistency.
They'll cruise around the planet, probing and imaging rocks and soils for liquid clues.
Only continued probing will turn up answers to these and other questions.
The proper response would be to ask probing questions.
Scientists are probing beneath the surface of the body's largest organ.
His team has already begun probing the question of voting patterns.
Oceanographers are developing a new generation of unmanned subs for probing deep ocean and coastal waters.
Instead, they should be pleased that the authorities are now probing the chaebol's financial dealings.
As well as probing these responses, the experiment examined unconscious negative responses to race.
They retrieve them by meticulously pecking and probing with their short bills.
He ends the article by calling for scientists to increasingly rely on multiple techniques when probing the brain.
The biologists engaged in a hogging frenzy, probing half-submerged logs.
There is no shortage of epigenetic questions ripe for probing.
At the same time that they were doing that, they were probing.
Working with performers, neuroscientists are probing the neural correlates of attention.
He's a good scientist, one who's earned kudos for his work probing the strengths and weaknesses of crustaceans and mollusks.
Probing a machine for consciousness need not require an elaborate mathematical construct.
Probing satire and whimsical musings by a leading cultural critic, with valuable insights into the city's pop culture.
But it still doesn't preclude questioning and probing whether particular ways of measuring are appropriate or optimal.
He moved down the spine toward the tail, probing around each vertebra with the handle of his brush.
Scientists are busy probing the mysteries of memory.
The astronauts spend a week probing unexplored places.
Fay waded out alone, probing the dark water ahead of him with a long stick.
And that may require probing the links between insurgency and the narcotics business a bit more closely.
Probing deeper beyond the superficial methods and metaphors of the artist's world, are the underpinnings of the culture.
He spent a long time probing his database to see if he could find any evidence of such a hidden route.
Candidates should be asked probing questions in an honest and straightforward manner.
Equally clearly, trustees should be asking probing questions of vice presidents.
And lovers sought the dim heights of the third balcony-the paradise-away from the probing lorgnettes.
High-flying airplane probing effects of clouds on climate.
For the second time in a week, federal safety regulators say they are probing door fires in some older vehicles.
Some explorers enjoy the thrill of probing an uncharted, underground wilderness.
Her lab focuses on liver cells, probing their natural environment to better understand how they function.
For the first time, physicians could peek inside the body without cutting it open or probing an orifice.
Yet even the often enigmatic workings of our mind are not immune to the probing of modern science.
Someone who asks probing questions of mainstream opinion.
Even more worth probing, in my view, is what the standoff says about the mentality of her opposition.
When those proved elusive, the site started probing further into his life.
He was an intriguing choice: a handsome, dark figure with an eagle's probing gaze.
And he had to be sedated before undergoing x-rays, blood tests, and other scientific probing.
They ask him casually about the offense, not probing too deeply on the first try.
The fate of several journalists who have tried probing it, and found themselves prosecuted or jailed, lends weight to that belief.
These projects are not solely dedicated to probing the nature of dark energy.
They have developed a submarine robot capable of probing the river's depths and reporting back to a land-based control center.
It occurs to one that this is a story that requires more thoughtful, even theoretical, probing.
Or maybe this probing actress should stop trying to define herself for herself.
Then four, five, even six hands at a time reach in and begin probing for the source of the bleeding.
These days a host of innovators is probing for new sources of oil underwater.
Other scientists probing different parts of the brain's memory machinery are similarly finding that memory is inherently flexible.
Besides probing the fundamentals of how matter behaves, the study does have practical applications.
Two whip spiders circle one another and start gently probing each other with their whips.
More work probing this finding will be required, perhaps including a randomized controlled study, which this was not.
His own group, after probing the problem, came up with contradictory results.
For several years he had been probing the mystery of blind spots in the visual system.
There are certainly credible scientists who worry about the risks of probing matter at these energies.
Rather than probing the guy, they got drunk together.

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