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The real probation period for these adjustments will be after the cancellation of financing from well-known superpower.
All were found guilty and sentenced to probation and community service.
Two years later it gave the probation board more money to improve supervision and treatment programmes.
It is a gamble, and meanwhile ordinary probation services look likely to be squeezed.
He pleaded no contest, paid a fine and did six months' probation.
Probation officers or rehab clinic staff can peel them off, freeze them, and ship them on dry ice to a drug-testing laboratory.
Probation need not be limited to the length of the original sentence.
No one has been placed on probation or fired based on the computer's evaluation, either.
Lawless areas are flooded with police, social workers and probation officers.
Had he been charged with misdemeanors, he would likely have faced probation or house arrest.
He was ultimately sentenced to six months home confinement at his parents' house and two years of probation.
And then last summer, after serving less than two, he was released into carefully guarded probation.
He found a social life, as well as an address to give his probation officer, through an ad for stereo equipment.
The driver spent six months in jail and is serving the remainder of his five-year sentence on probation.
It combats crime by such reformative and essentially non punitive means as probation and psychiatric help in and out of prisons.
Proof of employment is usually a condition of probation.
As a result, their patron has been sternly reprimanded and put on probation.
Early on, he told me he was on probation for drug-related offenses, which was forcing him to remain clean and sober.
He was held without bail for allegedly violating terms of his probation for a previous drug offense.
The judge will consider a pre-sentence report compiled by a probation officer.
He later pleaded no contest to the charge and received probation.
King himself testified that he had initially resisted because he was afraid the arrest would result in a probation violation.
In addition to court conditions the offender is required to meet with a probation officer.

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