probate in a sentence

Example sentences for probate

What the executrix in that situation has to face otherwise is between her and the probate court.
By making the gift, you may reduce future estate taxes and probate costs.
That's where you put your money that is in excess of the exemption from estate and probate taxes and fees.
The use of a revocable living trust is often touted as a way to avoid the time and expense of probate.
My dad's estate is worth little and it did not need to go to probate.
The case then was returned to probate court, where he again won.
Curtis, the chewing gum manufacturer, was filed for probate today.
Tammany contractor and builder, be admitted to probate.
The late starlet's will is currently being reviewed in probate court.
Although probate inventories provide suggestive data, they probably understate actual levels of gun ownership.
Probate court laws protect the interests of individuals involved in probate court matters.
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