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In my opinion, you probably shouldn't teach online if: Your cell phone only makes phone calls.
This time probably isn't different.
You've probably promised yourself to get off the couch and get some exercise.
This is probably a good start for now, I just want to get the discusion rolling.
They'll probably just stay put.
If dandelions are growing in your lawn, the turf is probably thin and undernourished.
One would probably have to ignore all sorts of rude sounds.
Choppier waters are probably ahead: many analysts expect the price of oil to continue crawling towards $70, and beyond.
They can be hazardous to people and property, and you'd probably have to remove broken branches frequently.
In no case, probably, has time sufficed for the utmost possible amount of development.
In many cases habit or use and disuse have probably come into play.
Many of its axons cross the midline and probably ascend with the medial lemniscus to the ventro-lateral region of the thalamus.
They're lights and turn-signals for a bike, and they'll probably be all but useless.
Of course, this is an option exercised by the majority of grad students, probably for good reasons.
Especially if your semester hasn't started yet, it probably seems a bit early to think about grading.
In addition to her mental block, she's probably exhausted.
On the other hand, you will probably have to develop your presentation from scratch with little or no help from the instructor.
If you have a lawyer contact them, they will probably remove the content.
Some of the people in the club were probably not alive when it was created.
As such, the researchers speculate, their diet would probably have consisted mainly of crawling insects.
He will probably be part of a consortium bidding to take the firm private.
Most of the offers are likely to cluster around the true value of the resource, so the highest bidder probably paid too much.
These issues are tricky but compromises can probably be found.
His political career has probably attracted more attention than that of any other living non-president.
Heroin use is probably even more dominated by frequent or dependent users.
To conserve scarce supplies, water managers will probably have to implement restrictions again.
If it has more than five ingredients, it's probably not food.
One taste will probably make you swear off the commercial stuff forever.
It's neat as a pin and loaded with things that should probably be in your garden.
Once you see them, you'll probably quit thinking in terms of edibles and ornamentals.
If all you have is light shade, the plant will probably tolerate it.
If you grow roses for landscaping only, this is probably a plus.
But he doesn't call it barbecue, even though you probably will once you taste it.
The article probably started that way because in the featured couple, the husband is the handy one.
The older, longer vined types would probably look a lot messier without something to climb up.
If your bottle is something special, he or she will probably be interested too.
Next time though, we'll probably use a more mild spring honey.
We'll get four laying hens and two chicks, probably in the next couple of weeks.
If you want to move beyond traditional rhododendrons, he probably has more choices than your garden has room for.
Alas, it was a onetime phenomenon, probably due to our presumably unsuitable climate.
You've probably noticed that there's a dizzying amount of chicken literature out there.
They are probably happy in a dead memory, a stage they have probably achieved with much effort and inducement.
It is probably a multi-factorial process of intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging.
Some of the longer cycles are probably a result of varying solar activity.
When you think about silk, you probably think of gossamer fibers woven into lustrous garments or decadently soft bedsheets.
For example, their multiple stomachs probably allowed them to extract maximum nutrition from their food.
Also, parts of the meteorite--what meteors are termed once they touch down--are probably quite big.
Their calculations are probably relevant to known, stable, geological conditions.
Most probably nature will make us pay for the free ride.
As a result, individual finalists probably gain less momentum from another contestant's ouster than they would have last season.
Oh, and he'll also probably be forced to take anti-psychotic medication to help him regain his competency.
Hobbyists and tinkerers are testing out the future with a technology that you're probably going to have sooner than you think.
Probably life would never get beyond microbes next time around.
He kept doing the same thing so much that he probably realized it was something he liked.
Early whales plied the shallows but still hauled themselves onto shore, probably to rest and to give birth.
Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably haven't run across this new species of poisonous, nearly blind pseudoscorpion.
Here you can experience them all in one spot-something you'd probably never be able to do in the wild.
Your students have probably heard stories or fairy tales about the forest, and they may have spent time in the woods.
But a lack of stability probably influenced the architects to aim for a new angle halfway through construction.
The fungus probably grew slowly to attain such large sizes, he added.
The endless sword duels, a big part of all pirate movies, probably happened on occasion.
If students don't think an idea would work, ask them to make a few changes so that it could work or probably would work.
Whoever said life is an open book probably didn't have any friends.
Could maybe help you grow longer eye lashes after sixteen weeks of use, probably.
Ten authors whose books you probably didn't know were banned.
Even if the soup is preserved in cryogenic stasis, it will probably never again be fit to eat.
If you live someplace that has a true winter, this is probably about the time when you start thinking about getting out of town.
With fruit piled high at your farmers market this month, you're probably itching to bake.
It's probably too late, droned the counterpoint in my head.
The restaurant lives underneath a rock club, and you'll probably be subjected to sound checks during dinner.
It's probably dried out and has lost all its goodness.
Which would probably mean the end of their organic certification.
There are a lot available, and it's probably the model crab fishery for the world.
Probably if you're in a cooler place you won't have farmers selling their eggplant for a little bit quite yet.
Not only are the fancy trappings required of a three-star restaurant too expensive now but probably irrelevant as well.
You've probably already been cooking for an hour or more at this point.
Vincent could probably throw a few more ingredients into every dish and nobody would blink.
But probably the pig's foot or the eel are not there out of obligation.
But it's probably a small population of people who are really into food.
Books on bread are still coining to me from the book finders and probably will for years.
Most of the guys selling hot dogs probably don't even eat hot dogs-they're eating their wives' rice and curry lunch.
And probably walk out with a little snack for later.
After all that border hopping you'll probably need a drink.
The latter is probably due to the genetic architecture of the trait.
The attackers probably struck the sleeping pueblo at dawn.
It's a sad state of affairs but probably not an unpredictable one.
The companions probably consist almost entirely of dark matter.
But that's probably because money and time are finite.
You're probably quite keen for an actual mouthful now.
The thieves were probably lucky to have escaped burial themselves.
These two blue dots represent two high school males who are probably a lot closer than they think.
Computer simulations suggest that smaller, terrestrial worlds probably arise slowly, through the core-accretion process.
If the unidentified light in the sky shines brighter than any star, it's probably a planet.
Nevertheless, dinosaurs probably did have some effect on plant evolution.
The official flatware, ashtrays and such will probably appeal to antiques dealers.
And the causes of their cancers probably vary as well.
There's probably no other place one could go and see on public display a more interesting collection of diamonds.
If she were to pick only one jelly bean from a pack, it would probably be green.
And then you'll probably be humming it the rest of the day.
Most natural history museums don't have human evolution exhibits, and if they do, the bones are probably reproductions.
Whichever way you decide to go, this fatty menu should probably be followed by a juice cleanse.
The river is probably the only mainstream close to his heart.
Six days later, he died of tuberculosis and probably of mistreatment as well.
The legend sung in this carol probably dates from the fourteenth century.
But that was later to change, probably something to do with my getting older.
If he had he probably would never have become a playwright.
Their argument was probably the first fully recorded case of a policy based on falling dominoes.
Ugly as the station may seem, especially the façade, the decision was probably a wise one.
If bukkake isn't something you already think is hilarious, you probably don't want to read about the egg recipe.
And in that capacity he probably does possess more power than any president.
If your star gets defaced there, they're probably not using their mouth.
It would probably also delete the flashbacks and nightmares and depression which goes along with many mental illnesses.
Degradation of this silvering probably explains its relative drop in performance.
If her medical records had been unavailable, doctors probably would have ordered an ultrasound, incurring some delay in treatment.
While it's probably still true that all politics is local, all power is not.
Probably more important than ease of replacement, though, is the potential for cost savings and increased safety.
Such solar cells will probably take years to commercialize, but could far outperform conventional solar cells.
But the new reactor doesn't solve what is probably the biggest problem facing nuclear power today: the high cost of building them.
The spread of global teams is probably inevitable, given the ease and inexpensiveness of communications.
But another gigantic science experiment, one you've probably never heard of, will some day pump out data on a similar scale.
But they'll probably cost less than the extra batteries, motor, and other components in hybrids.
There are probably hundreds of millions of active blogs worldwide, though no one has made a definitive count.
For example, a highly interactive application such as a voice chat program probably needs a high-quality connection.
Losing him to another long ride probably isn't worth the risk.
You'll probably have a million things on your mind when you're moving into your new place.
Get the second syllable right and you'll probably say the name correctly.
So we'd probably be better off with a smaller, less-well-remunerated financial industry than the one we've had.

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