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Virtue's link to success is partial and probabilistic, never an absolute guarantee.
My strong advocacy for certain policy steps is based on a probabilistic understanding of outcomes and costs, not on certainty.
These eggheads are now in the dock, along with their probabilistic models.
First, perform thousands of fatigue tests in the laboratory and then take a probabilistic view of things.
In the probabilistic world everything can happen because the probability distribution can be manipulated at the researchers' whim.
The second is a probabilistic mindset that incorporates chaos, emergence, and non-linear change.
But in reality, it's almost always probabilistic, more calculation than divination.
Image-based recognition systems have to be probabilistic, with a certain amount of give, or they won't work at all.
Their positions and velocities take on an uncertain, probabilistic nature.
The brain uses a much more powerful and simpler probabilistic method for recognition and prediction.
They then use probabilistic methods to look for likely instances of the phrase.
It is notorious how chemists and material scientists are generally ignorant about limiting quantum probabilistic events.
Ask a quantum physicist to explain why quantum interactions are probabilistic and you'll get a blank stare.
Plain lack of numerical, probabilistic and economic reasoning.
On the other hand, some question how valuable a vague or probabilistic warning would be.
The problem is that it is by its nature a probabilistic measure of populations, not individuals' characteristics.
The end of inflation is triggered by quantum, probabilistic processes and does not occur everywhere at once.
Broader or more probabilistic ancestries are still possible, however.
Modern financial models include probabilistic measures that can overcome model bias.
Hereditary causes are probabilistic, not deterministic.
Of course in probabilistic terms it's more likely that none of the fossils are ancestors of any living creature today.
Not only do levees actually exacerbate floods, they are a static solution to a dynamic, probabilistic problem.
Genetic risks are by and large probabilistic even if you know someone's genotype.
Quantum mechanics is inherently probabilistic, he says.
To say that some reaction is only possible at such and such an energy scale is a probabilistic statement.
Hence, entropy is a probabilistic artifact of a choice of description.
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