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Example sentences for proactive

If you're having a hard time resolving a problem, take a proactive approach and (politely) suggest a solution.
When the job market is tight, we need to be proactive.
The airports say they had few stranded passengers as airlines' proactive cancellations and news reports kept travelers away.
My wife and I decided to be proactive -- and selective -- in my job search.
But proactive maneuvers such as providing a cell phone lounge in restaurants may help mitigate cell wars.
It would have been proactive to have read the 17 pages.
You are also going to have to be proactive in writing to people.
While they claim they never received complaints from the passenger, they should have been more proactive in helping her out.
The regulator wants to become more proactive in spotting problems with the strategies of individual firms.
It's a very powerful proactive way to deal with health.
As long as the general public is stuck in this cycle, the proactive measures needed to mitigate future drought are avoided.
The philosophic community needs to respond to these dangers in a thoughtful and proactive way.
Being proactive and defining worth before others do seems the only solution.
Until that happens, proactive or reactive plans barely can be discussed.
They need to be more proactive, provide better information and engage parents much earlier than is usually the case.
The only real solid point he makes is to be proactive not reactive but never explains what that actually means.
His job is to be proactive-to try to gain leverage over the situation as fast as possible.
And you have to be proactive, but you also have to keep your options open.
If the patient wants to be cured and stop the spread of the infection, he must be proactive.
And we're certainly not known for being a proactive society.
Many rely on the student to be entirely proactive, seeking out the necessary support.
In contrast, proactive approaches are geared to preventing these kinds of problems from developing in the first place.
Proactive disclosures are records made publicly available by agencies without specific requests from the public.
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