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Ask them to provide specific examples for their pro and con statements, based on the things they have read in their research.
Tips and techniques from a design pro for scoring the best vintage and antique shopping deals.
The pro basketball and hockey playoffs ended less than a month ago.
After the first talk, on the pro side, she had to leave.
For some players it's the dream of turning truly pro and getting rich.
To reach the pro level, football players must compete aggressively.
The pro tip for today, though, is that you don't actually have to tell people where you are all the time.
Viewers here can now watch, every week, what amounts to a pro-weed news program.
All drugs have pro's and con's for recreational use.
So if your a pro-lifer and have any moral integrity nuclear power plants wouldn't even be on the table.
Yes, those of you who don't believe there are negative effects of global warming that need attention are pro-pollution people.
It is better to be anti everything than it is to be pro anything.
Even the pro cameras, which are sturdier, need protection.
So is tension between no-growth conservationists and pro-growth tourism businesses.
Whether you're a vacationing tyro or a big-name pro, there's a wave here with your name on it.
Pro basketball has changed radically over the last four decades.
So it was an acceptable tactic for anti-whalers but now that the pro-whales are using it, it is somehow wrong.
Nor does anyone need a pro and anti argument to sus out the situation.
The outrage led to a new election and the formation of a shaky pro-Western coalition government.
Despite what pro-regime propagandists say, few civilians have been killed from the air.
The pro-horse side sees an agency in thrall to commercial interests-specifically, to ranchers.
Its likely outcome is a solid pro-government majority sprinkled with mild dissent.
All of the all-star games in pro sports have their drawbacks.
Salomon insists that the transactions had nothing to do with each other-that there was quid and quo, but nary a pro in between.
She was surprisingly pro-marriage, and was fond of matchmaking.
And yet, lurking underneath the anti-spending, pro-tax-cutting cant is one idea that might truly have merit.
Politicized monetary policy has a pro-inflation bias.
It's not that it's unusual for a pro football coach to have a second career in the world of food and beverages.
And therefore, pro-lifers should learn that it's in their best interest to include the animals in their ethics.
The biggest problem with pro-pollution shills is that the media presents them, generally without any effective refutation.
Not arguing pro or con on this, mind you, but as an interesting exercise.
We should become more pro-active in the long term nature of our biosphere.
It doesn't arm rebels striving to overthrow pro-Western governments.
One of the results has been a growing pro-industry bias in medical research-exactly where such bias doesn't belong.

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