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Example sentences for prize

He once appeared in the boys' prize ring, but panic surprised him in the second round.
Tao's accomplishments have already earned him nearly every major mathematics prize.
The prize of the collection is a large, exquisitely crafted mihrab, or prayer niche.
Your prize is a free course that uses anonymous off-site graders.
She was the only athlete still eligible to win the prize.
SInce the prize that he shows doesn't affect your decision, no new information has been added.
Pigeon breeders prize the skin folds and take great pains to cultivate a large, healthy-looking wattle on show birds.
Previous failures, however, do not daunt the latest contender for the prize.
So when the prize is a substantial amount of money, great things can happen.
The prize could be trillions of cubic metres of gas.
From the three category winners, the grand-prize winner was selected.
There will be one grand prize winner and four runner-up winners.
They do this at traffic light crossings, waiting patiently with human pedestrians for a red light before retrieving their prize.
It could be a prize to be measured in billions of barrels-and billions of dollars.
Players compete in a race against time to capture some prize.
Which means that somebody else is line to take this prize.
Her husband, for one, seems to have a pretty clear idea what he thinks she should get as a consolation prize.
The prize money has touched people from all walks of life.
One little island known to you will be a first prize of war.
Given the prize committee's distaste for success, that means he'll probably never get one.
Perry kept the ticket with her until cashing it in, she has no immediate plans for her prize money.
Information provided will be verified when redeeming a prize.

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