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People I talked with here get it — they know they're not privy to all the information online.
And everyone, it seems, has secrets — secrets to which even the actors aren't privy until each script arrives.
But it's safe to suggest that very few are privy to any real actual battle plan that's being drawn.
Astor was not privy to the letter or the telephone conversations about the transfer.
Nobody knows exactly when these changes occurred because the public isn't privy to the industry's methods.
But I've been privy to more spicy fare, including a hiring controversy.
It must be great to be privy to such secrets.
His privy sits beyond a sandy lane that winds through a low swale known as the Bottom.
In the classroom, students are made privy to some of the results of those conversations.
It seems that only you are privy to this information.
Two-hole privy outside, but you needed teacher's approval to use.
Those with whom he felt comfortable were privy to his cerebral wit.
They are privy to more secrets about lineage and legitimacy than anyone else.
Now, with the click of a key stroke, hundreds are privy to the nonsense.
The privy must be easily maintained and insect proof.
The priVy was excavated to determine if any difference could be discovered between house units.
The access has a ramp and a privy, both disabled-accessible.
No amenities provided, except two sites by the lake which have access to privy.
The square frame privy with pyramidal roof contains its original seat with four holes.
Facilities on the lake include a boat ramp, a disabled-accessible fishing jetty, and a privy.
Pit privy eroded exposing contents and no door on privy.
There are two tent pads with fire rings and an accessible privy located here.

Famous quotes containing the word privy

Give me the eye to see a navy in an acorn. What is there of the divine in a load of bricks? What of the divine in a barb... more
Before me you are a slug in the sun. You are privy to a great becoming and you recognize nothing. You are a... more
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