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The provision would protect the company's privileged status as an élite information provider.
Elitism, preciousness, and ethereality pervade such privileged environments.
We are also proposing a review and decisions regarding the groups that benefit from privileged pensions as at present.
When you're there you're aware of how intensely privileged you are.
Higher education was originally available to a privileged few.
From the north, southerners handed jobs for life by political patrons look privileged.
Yet many say they are not fearful but elated by their privileged view of those who walked this land before them.
The brain has long enjoyed a privileged status as psychology's favorite body organ.
They avoid politics not out of fear but because they are privileged and are not interested in political freedom.
After all, it would be unfair to permit wealthy students to use them if less privileged students can't afford them.
In response, it advocates policies that will challenge the privileged and empower the disenfranchised.
We felt fortunate to have such a privileged glimpse of another world.
Perhaps many with knowledge now feel privileged among the ignorant.
For a second time, she gets a privileged view of wolves.
Some funds have permitted this, allowing privileged investors to trade on new information at old prices.
But accepting one's right to believe does not mean those beliefs should be given privileged consideration in society and law.
When libraries began, manuscripts were rarely touched by more than the privileged few.
They rig the game in other ways, too, enjoying privileged access to land and permits.
It's dramatic and thrilling and privileged and rude.
Public scholarship does not and should not have privileged standing.
The intricacy of this web highlights how many firms have access to privileged information from large companies.
It certainly can seem that way around the boutiques and cafés of the privileged quarters.
It's the cool kids reproducing their privileged social status.
Students with privileged backgrounds also benefit from having well-educated and motivated parents.
For entrants, too, have privileged access to crucial information-information about their own intentions.
We are privileged to be witnessing historical transitions.
Gurney has written an evocative epistolary account of two charter members of the privileged set.
For instance one can be educationally privileged but not economic privileged.
To be his friend was an honor and a privilege and many were honored and privileged.
Those of us privileged to have known him and learned from him are exceedingly grateful for his life.
We feel privileged and enriched that he touched our lives.
Worse, their privileged backgrounds make them feel guilty about curbing workers' rights.
His stellar reputation made an indelible mark among all privileged to know him.
Let me guess they are under privileged so they will get into colleges that serve minority students.
Esteemed physician who was loved by all who were privileged to know him.
He will be sorely missed by all who were privileged to know him.
We are grateful for his example and privileged to have known him.
Only the privileged or lucky got a quality education.
Both of them have touched so many lives-they will always be remembered by those who were privileged to know them.
Some students, disproportionately from privileged backgrounds, matriculate well prepared for college.
Talk about the selfish tunnel vision of the privileged.
They probably don't see their plight as being a privileged one.
Private information disclosed in privileged relationships-to doctors, lawyers and clergy, among others-is protected.
Funding for energy research must be accorded the privileged status usually reserved for health care and defense.
At smaller events you may be privileged to shoot from nearly anywhere, including the coveted inner circle.
Technology has made it possible for anyone to gain access to excellent content which was once reserved for the privileged.
Talks between unions and employers stalled when the bosses proposed to cut the cost of laying off privileged workers.
But if domestic loans are widely privileged in this way, the attractions of foreign expansion will dip.
In the cities decent pensions are almost as rare, except among workers in the privileged state sector.
Businesswomen are often from privileged backgrounds and rise through family businesses.
But allegations have surfaced that politicians sometimes make use of this privileged access for personal profit.
Most religions have taught that those who adhere to them have a privileged place in the universe.
However many hours were spent in prayer, sensuality was not overlooked, especially in the country houses of the privileged.
Privileged politicians in power would always want their subjects to conform to their rule so that they could cling to power.
The state needs credibility even more to withdraw protection from the economically privileged.
His background, though it might misleadingly be called privileged, was mixed up.
People who can be whoever they want, wherever they want, are a privileged minority.
More often, however, they picked out the privileged.
Where imagination seems kinetic among your poor characters, it seems static among the economically privileged.
And they accept as a given the reality of ghettos of wealth in privileged school districts.
We believe that all our visitors should feel privileged to have been granted the right to share their thoughts with us online.
But the designer eggs that fetch the highest prices are likely to be sought from the privileged, not the poor.
It is written for and about the privileged members of a new generation.
There was something about it that made him feel lucky, or privileged.
His characters are often weirdly privileged noticers, sometimes stoned.
Now the flag is again a source of pride, a silent celebration of the joy of being alive and of living in a privileged society.
The request or the motion to grant such permission yields to privileged motions.
Alas, the loons have lost their privileged status as ancient.
In particular, the tendency to anchor on slices of privileged ancestry.
By the end of the piece, you feel privileged to have met them, if only in words.
We must also remember that the null hypothesis is privileged.
As well as hypocritical and coming from a privileged position of ignorance.
Home schooling might work for the privileged few, but if you want an educated public, then public education is necessary.
What a wonderful world it will be for the privileged few.
With so few healthy dens left, this is privileged information.
What this really means is that there can be no privileged view of the facts permitted.
He comes from a privileged family with three admirals.
The problem is that social groups are not homogeneous, and there are plenty of white males that are pretty far from privileged.
While elitism is steadily disappearing from the landscape of privileged life, it does continue to exist in pockets.
Matt's fate all along was to end up in a privileged space.
Unfortunately, rent control is a disaster for all but the privileged minority who are protected by it.
Pit members of the same minority against each other for the benefit of privileged white bystanders hoarding their poker chips.
Not that unusual, though, especially among the privileged set.
But since his past is largely privileged, his rhymes may sound shallow to some listeners.
It only allows a small set of privileged domains to transition to the module utility domains.
And you say, all right, he's a pompous and privileged slayer.
By the time the costs of right-wing anarchism reach the truly privileged, it will be far too late for everyone else.
The poverty, inequality, and privileged arrogance of the place were horrifying.

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