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Who cares the research was privately financed and therefor must be good.
The city council's resolution did not apply to privately owned buildings.
The fact that it exerts its influence sparingly and privately does not make it non-existent.
Today, one out of every five human genes is privately owned.
She also expects the government to take in hundreds of other privately owned elephants, such as those living in temples.
If a privately owned publication wants to do it, that's their business.
There is no doubt in my mind that privately they understand the truth.
If saving energy is the main theme then keep all privately vehicles out of downtown areas of large cities during business hours.
Science therefore does not require them, and it is completely legitimate not to believe in them privately.
The emails point to bad science being privately acknowledged but publicly denied by this influential group of climate scientists.
Even presidents, who often told us privately that our critiques were overdue, stick to bromides in public.
However, many others subscribe to privately or publicly traded course-management companies.
Publicly scolding people rather than privately counseling them may actually do more harm than good, they argue.
Many were privately owned and struggled to keep afloat, and they had few options in publishing's new techno-economy.
Privateers were privately owned, armed ships hired by governments during time of war.
Any land that is not privately owned is considered public land and belongs to all of us.
Field was a veterinarian who, having practiced privately for years, had decided to pursue a doctorate in veterinary epidemiology.
Once largely in the hands of wealthy landowners, the park remains mostly privately owned.
Deer and wild goat roam on the surrounding land, which is privately owned and managed.
In the majority of cases, that is because even the surface areas are privately owned.
We need to recognize that drug use is a sickness that needs treatment, not imprisonment in privately-run, for-profit prisons.
Many shelters are not privately owned, and must follow strict guidelines.
The parks are privately owned or found in state park areas.
Privately owned parks are usually open all year and often have more elaborate amenities than public, state or national parks.
These cabins tend to be rented by campgrounds instead of privately owned.
To a big extent, privately run facilities are specifically and consciously the alternative to unionized corrections officers.
Some fund managers privately confess that they wish they could move entirely into cash and sit out the market turmoil.
But many locals privately support the strikes against extremists who have overrun their homeland.
The lucky few whose parents can afford to educate them privately gain good exam results and sail into university.
Privately, they admit that the current approach is badly flawed.
Some of its rivals are privately-owned, and so feel less short-term pressure to perform.
So many of its leading enterprises are either government-owned or privately-held.
Its privately developed rocket has made it into space.
The world's first privately owned space station is envisioned as a series of daisy-chained, inflatable pods.
These are stored privately until you decide to share them.
His disciples buried him privately, to prevent the crowds of people breaking in.
Many made him presents: but these he bestowed on the poor, with whatever he could privately retrench from himself.
He went privately and armed himself, and came into the tourney in undistinguished armor.
But he knows, and privately acknowledges, that the fundamental point of his candidacy is that it is happening now.
Once these circles are created it is safe to privately share information with your circle of friends.
Photographs of the distillery and surrounding coastline posted at a privately maintained site.
Local officials complain privately that categorized funding encourages them to lie and vie for programs they don't really need.
Most of the investments are in privately held companies, but some involve the acquisition of publicly traded companies.
King politely accepted and then privately dismissed warning after warning.
The only part that sometimes needs to be anonymous is privately rejecting or criticizing a paper.
Some museums are privately run, and they're great places, but they have to charge admission to make ends meet.
Whether you will agree privately that your work fails to fill the prescription in certain important respects is something again.
Writing nights and weekends and publishing his works privately, he composed exactly how he wanted, freed from public taste.
His readers were limited to the select group who received his poems, privately printed on broadsheets or bound in folders.
Tells about which operations in the different stages of the nuclear power system are privately owned, and which are public.
We heard privately from many would-be writers excited about the contest but also intimidated.
The names of all the litigants are not known, because many of the actions have been brought privately.
Occasionally you have meetings with people, or see people privately, but this is a time where everyone comes together.
Privately, he complained that the lawyer did not ask the right questions.
Privately, the lawyers among them advised that their chances were slim.
We acknowledge, however reluctantly and privately, our mistakes and our shortcomings.
Whether publicly funded or privately obtained public art can be as controversial as it is indefinable.

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