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More is learned in a public than in a private school, from emulation.
All of this doesn't count if the teacher is in a private school.
The other is that they are home-schooled or go to a special private school that addresses their needs.
After three months she pulled the younger one out and enrolled her in a private school.
G&T allows you to send your kids to private school while claiming they are still in public school.
At the typical private school or prosperous suburban public high school one counselor may serve forty to sixty students.
They are still going to have the same private school and mortgage payments to make.
He was proud that he could send her to a private school, where school fees were a couple of dollars per month.
My parents ended up closing it and reopening it as a private school.
Private school college counselors write letters for their students and often call admission deans to advocate on their behalf.
But the policy seemed other-worldly, as the likely value of the voucher was less than the fees at any existing private school.
The extra annual outgoings look sizeable-except to those paying private school fees.
They opposed vouchers because once given to individuals an individual might choose a religious private school.
Apply for a private school secondary or trade license.

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I am both a public and a private school boy myself, having always changed schools just as the class in Engl... more
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