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Example sentences for private company

They want to work for private company's where the competency and skill level is much higher.
University officials blamed a private company that facilitated the enrollment of the students for the situation.
However, since a private company, the company must be profitable to provide this educational benefit.
My student loans are serviced via a private company, and these private companies employ people.
There is a secondary market for a private company's stock before it goes public.
She has also held various tax, audit and litigation support positions at a private company and a leading accounting firm.
In conjunction with a private company, long-term- care would continue.
Imagine all the yapping if some evil private company wanted to build on these sites.
While it's a smart solution to running a large private company, its flaws are also obvious.
Shares in a private company are worth what the company says.
Purchasing in the public sector has requirements that do not exist when purchasing for a private company or for yourself.
Clear is a private company that worked with the airport and establish themselves in a non-secured area.
There is no need to pay a private company for these services.
Employers are not required to purchase posters through any private company to be in compliance with the posting requirements.
Please be aware of any online notarization service being offered by a private company.
All other computing problems should be resolved from within their private company's technical support personnel.
Some believe their next reincarnation could be as a private company.
And as a side note, the distinction between a publicly held company and a private company is irrelevant.
And it is far easier to fire an executive in a private company than in a public one.
Critics complain that a private company will inevitably treat prisoners simply as inventory.
It has nothing to do with the government, but a private company that decided to steal something.
On the other hand, if there were any impropriety in a private company, the public might not get to hear about it.
It can take years, if not decades, to grow a large private company.
He said the accident resulted from a private company not addressing safety regulations.
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