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The czar's servants carried the opulent dishes, perfume bottles and other personal items directly to the czar's private chamber.
His personal effects were scattered and sealed under lock and key at private residences.
Private equity partners earn money from their labor, by investing other peoples' money.
Private parks are springing up all around the world.
Never before had a large, populated expanse of private land been converted into a national park.
Private solar installations are really taking off nationwide.
When you think of private security contractors, online comics naturally come to mind.
Private security firms are increasingly involved in the fight against pirates.
Fewer than a hundred of the large carnivores currently roam national and state parks and nearby private lands.
They had known each other since eighth grade, sharing the silly private jokes that only longtime pals know.
They believed deeply that even a private collection should be accessible to the public.
All you have to do is exploit the flaw yourself, get a bunch of private data, and release it.
However some private investors are starting to bet on low cost solar in a big way.
Much of the innovation reshaping our world comes from the private sector.
Suite, where you can curl up next to a fire with a book pulled from the room's private library.
So, the default privacy is fairly closed, but you can make yourself even more private.
Perks include hardwood floors, private bathrooms, and prime savanna views.
Night-vision cameras, biometric sensors and other gadgets already give snoops access to private spaces.
You'll have a private beach, canoes, and kayaks at your command.
Turns out, private industry drove the initiative from the beginning.
He turned to top secret military research and led a tragic private life.
From lawn to private retreat: new outdoor living room makes a small home feel twice as big more.
Going private may also be a more common route in an investment climate in which acquisitions are done in cash.
But with big mountain-to-bay views from the private beach, you'll hardly miss out if you don't snorkel.
For months, private security firms have been trying to sell their pirate-fighting skills to a wary shipping industry.
The third hurdle will be convincing private pilots, who pride themselves on self-reliance, to buy and install the system.
Clean design, well-defined spaces, and meticulous attention to detail make even a small corner lot seem spacious and private.
Private sector innovation and risk-taking creates jobs.
Rooms offer lipstick red headboards, fluffy down bedding, and private balconies or patios.
Government jobs are subsidized by taxing the private sector.
Tall shrubs, hedges, or vine-covered fences make a detached patio private.
They are less happy when their own private lives come under scrutiny.
Corruption in the public and private sectors go together.
Logging allotments on federal lands have been cut almost by half, and logging on private land is down as well.
Fossil collecting on private land, with the permission of the landowner, is legal.
If the private equity business is in a coma, nobody seems to have told investors the news.
Well, in the private world, ten billion dollars is a lot of cookies.
So, you may want to keep things a little more private.
The goal is to control the spread of prairie dogs to adjacent private land.
Whenever savvy private equity firms sell debt in the companies they own, buyer beware.
Until recently, the crow-size specimen was housed in a private collection.
Parents debate whether private school is really worth it.
At nightfall, bunk in a cozy cottage with a private garden.
Tumors cannot grow unless they recruit their own private blood supply.
As long as people have engaged in private conversations, eavesdroppers have tried to listen in.
Private citizens inquired about health problems and investments.
Outdoor living is gravitating from private retreat to shared property, so we're getting to know our neighbors again.
In this lesson plan, students learn the difference between public and private lands.
Its forbidding climate and low average education levels are disincentives for private investment.
No funding from government, and private industry cannot see an immediate return on investment, so no private funding either.
The safest course is to gather material only from private land with permission.
The solutions will have to include a mix of private and government partners.
Private retreats for parents, kids, and guests provide serene places to recharge.
Third, government initiatives and private flight each have something to contribute.
The military has a big influence on how the private sector adopts technology.
In the years before the financial crisis, private offerings of stock held much allure.
Private clubs and restaurants are now allowed to stay open later.
Some find it quicker to ride a bicycle and weave through the cars than to take the bus or drive a private vehicle.
It's a hedge against releasing private emails and photos into the wild.
The shipping company is advised by an unnamed private security, which provided crucial advice and organized the ransom drop.
After that, the rocket will have to find its own market among national space agencies, universities and private companies.
Individuals who picked their beers in private, however, chose what they enjoyed and said they were happy with their decision.
Private utilities finance with a combination of equity and debt the combination called discount rate.
Our government had abandoned building public housing, opting to rent private housing and subsidising rent.
Much better to have smaller, dedicated national teams, or fund private development efforts.
As public universities are free, the program only applies to students at private universities.
The province also has three private universities, five private colleges, and six theological colleges.
Anyway, private school pay isn't much more than adjunct pay around here.
Public colleges tend to offer less in salaries than their private counterparts do.
One is speed: private jails are built in as little as two years, rather than the seven that.
Private armies and roving marauders were outlawed long ago for reasons that appear valid today.
But half the population has been unable to buy or rent private housing and so live in small government-subsidised flats.
In two decades, private-equity firms have moved from the outer fringe to the centre of the capitalist system.
Critics say that in effect, taxpayers are subsidising private equity's extraction of value from firms through tax arbitrage.
Others have gone into the rapidly expanding private sector.
Newspapers had got hold of, and printed, private phone conversations.
Bankers may routinely earn million-pound bonuses but some hedge-fund and private-equity managers have become billionaires.
Traditionally, journals were private or even secret affairs, and were never linked to other journals.
Ruling out a private-sector solution may be premature.
In general, piracy can be boiled down to two categories, commercial and private.
Stakeholders from all levels of government and the private sector weigh in.
Guests are lodged in comfortable houses on the grounds of a private ranch and nature reserve.
Logging on surrounding private land, however, threatened the parks' protected redwoods.
The soft-spoken chaplain also oversees private memorial services where he plays guitar and recites a few prayers.
Kittens will be delivered via private jet courier to pre-selected veterinary offices where owners can pick them up.
There are perhaps a dozen of these rare crystal skulls in private and public collections.
Ours is a system focused not on collective problem-solving but on a struggle for power between two private organizations.
That's why there's a multi-billion dollar private school industry serving millions of students.
There are thousands of other data hoards, public and private, all around the country.
The rest of the company is also in private hands, so there's no clear way to determine value.
Let us not underestimate the power of private universities in the overall landscape of higher education.
Stockman hastened to explain that, despite appearances, these were not his family's private tennis courts.
The trouble is: this logic applies to all sorts of consensual, private, adult behavior.
If his private business allows him a moment's relaxation, he will plunge at once into the whirlpool of politics.
The preparations are identical with those in a private house, the decorations and menu may be lavish or simple.
Boards have a market value in that neighborhood and private property was not always highly regarded.
But lately the opposite approach-taking a company private-has become popular.
For in any private library, the totality of books is meaningful, while each individual volume is relatively meaningless.
Private-label designers for major department stores trumpet the fidelity of their imitations.
E-mails suggest that an employee touted its wares in public while slamming them in private.
These styles of unaccountability would be private moral failings if the stakes were lower.
Of course, all taxes are redistributive, in that they redistribute private resources for public purposes.
Instead, it would give seed money to private firms and guarantee a market for their services.
We have several private companies vying to create commercial activities in orbit, including tourism and science.
Private companies are gearing up to grab solar in space as well.
The logic of the situation compelled authorizers to intervene in private as well as commercial communications.
Imagine all the yapping if some evil private company wanted to build on these sites.
We tend to think of emotions as private affairs, feelings that wash over our subjective worlds.
The government spends and takes the liability on itself so that the private sector grows.
Intrusion's into some celeb's private life is another matter altogether.
The administration has greatly expanded both surveillance of private individuals and the collection of data about them.
The group had invited nearly three hundred human rights defenders and supporters to the private celebration.
His characteristic, deeply realistic mixing of the public and private is both touching and funny.
Residents learn not only by treating the poor but by caring for private patients as well.
It happens without any of the private actors violating the canons of self-interested rationality.
Yet the idea of turning over private files to a public company is worrisome to privacy advocates.
Thanks for the post and clarification regarding private messages.
The building would have to be private so only private companies in the world would use it.
The site allows people to keep clippings private, share them with specific people, or offer them to the public.
It's a cause that the private sector is keen to support.
But private parties that own the spectrum can sell if for handsome profits.
The market for this technology in the commercial and private sectors is wide open.
The average government job pays almost three times the average private-sector job.
Some egregious officials are now gone, often returning to the private sector whose interests they served.
Each of us sat at our own private table and played big.
Rooms with a fireplace and private entry to the lagoon can be rented for the day.
The firm is nationally recognized for its private-equity practice.
The proposal would eventually ban the private sale and purchase of specific animals considered potentially dangerous.
You'll find important information here on what impacts performance of private equity funds.
Any private eye or vandal can buy your mobile-phone records.
Over the last few weeks, the private equity industry has taken a verbal beating.
Ziegler took the letter home and sold it to a private collector.

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