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Colleges and universities may have more leeway to interpret federal privacy law than their officials know.
Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about our privacy policy.
Many issues posing as questions of privacy can turn out to be matters of security, health policy, insurance or self-presentation.
These structures create privacy with artful elegance.
It checks your privacy settings, tells you what information is locked down and which is public.
Courts have long agreed that the legal concept of personal privacy protects individuals, but not corporations.
The college has reportedly apologized to the named students for the mistake, a breach of federal privacy law.
But the big new fear is to do with the privacy of its users.
Companies and individuals are often at odds, concerned either with collecting information or with preserving privacy.
Along with privacy concerns, some groups wonder how helpful the additional information will be.
Yet growth in this market could be held back-by privacy concerns.
Forget turning out the lights to give jumping spiders privacy for mating.
Placing windows high on a wall allows light to stream in without sacrificing privacy.
Information technology already means that physical privacy has become a scarce commodity.
But they noted that tighter security and privacy controls are needed to prevent against potential strikes in the future.
At the enclosed end of the deck, panels made of horizontal tree stakes allow for peace and privacy.
Technological advances, of course, have often presented new threats to privacy.
How to provide privacy while maximizing space and flow was the problem tackled in the design of this master bath.
Most of the controversy has focused on privacy because the machines can produce graphic images.
The low retaining wall adds further privacy and a place for accessories.
Please take a few minutes to review our privacy policy.
But coves of varying size along the crenulated riverbanks offer plenty of room for privacy on the water.
And the task is even more challenging when you're also trying to maintain privacy and create serenity in a bustling urban area.
They're spread out enough to give you privacy but not so much that it's a long schlep from the car.
Privacy on a small city lot is an all-too-elusive concept.
Makes a great privacy screen if not allowed to become bare at the base add to my plant list.
Train as privacy or wind screen on chain link or wire fence.
Naturally, they didn't tell me whether or not the student followed up, owing to privacy laws.
Our private-messaging system allows you to contact other posters while protecting your privacy and theirs.
The company is asking users to review all their privacy settings.
It has expressed a modest degree of contrition and agreed to compensate those who can prove that their privacy was invaded.
In the information era, privacy and publicity in hospital rooms will be subject to negotiation.
So, the default privacy is fairly closed, but you can make yourself even more private.
The threat to privacy posed by digital technology is about to take a turn for the worse.
Increasing access to genetic screening will surely influence debates over universal health care and medical records privacy.
The curtain adds softness and variable degrees of privacy and connection.
The ground floor promotes communal living, while the second floor allows for privacy.
The nothing-to-hide argument pervades discussions about privacy.
Proponents of these privacy measures are pressing the right questions.
And, yes, this shift to authenticity will take getting used to and will elicit cries about lost privacy.
Two sorts of legal reform are suggested, on privacy and libel.
Those who want a privacy law believe that individuals need clearer protection from intrusion by the press.
Privacy, to many of us is an essential component of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Yet it is a third worry that will turn out to be more common: more sensors also mean less privacy.
Such freedom may test the limits of democracy, in which rights to speech are balanced by duties to privacy and security.
There was no fence for privacy, and no plants to soften the landscape.
The plan would offer privacy protection, including encryption.
But the always-available, always-on nature raises serious privacy concerns.
Opponents of the plan include business travel groups, security experts and privacy advocates.
Most of the responses were questions about the privacy settings.
Some privacy advocates say the public should be aware of how databases such as pizza delivery lists may be used.
The privacy feature is easily turned on when you click to open any new tab.
Most of them appeared to be snoozing contentedly despite the utter lack of privacy or personal space.
But when it came to guarding his privacy, he was a master of deflection.
Public sharing of private lives has led to a rethinking of our current conceptions of privacy.
The study authors urge more education on the subject, and protection and privacy for whistleblowers.
HM, as he was known during his lifetime to protect his privacy, taught scientists three lessons.
Citing privacy, doctors refused to identify or provide any details about the recipient or how and when she was injured.
But the manufacturers have since installed privacy filters.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
He also thought there was a temporary and less responsible realm called privacy.
Residents have running water but toilets are often public squatters that leave little privacy.
She says she doesn't believe there is an expectation of privacy for public officials on public property doing public duties.
But new research highlights the privacy risks that this kind of personalization can bring.
The question of whether a certain technique is a search or frisk under the law largely turns on the subject's privacy expectation.
Medicine today is a sea of paper and fax machines, privacy barriers, and unconnected data.
So, let's keep tagging those photos and help destroy everyone's privacy.
To protect voter privacy, it's never possible to link a specific ballot to a specific set of candidate names.
The cloud is also raising new questions about privacy and security.
Check out the building facades based on traditional privacy screens and wind towers that cool outdoor plazas.
Though the program was limited, it raised privacy hackles.
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Both faces peeked out from the wreckage of the privacy imbroglio that wracked the social-networking site this week.
The privacy concerns around the tracking of consumers and targeted advertising online may be coming to the physical world.

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