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He was amazed at what people talked about and what they didn't, how clean their fingernails were, how pristine their routines.
Snow should be pristine and sparkly.
Some of this steppe ecoregion is in pristine condition, although most of the meadowed steppes are now used for agriculture.
Cooled further and cut, pristine glass is very strong.
Harry had his own room with a closet that was pristine and beige.
This longtime couple sits on a big chunk of pristine wilderness and works hard to protect other areas.
In fact, what seems pristine has itself been shaped by humans.
The beach is pristine, uncrowded, and the water is turquoise.
The imported ice, on the other hand, was pristine.
So the well has the appearance of a pristine pond surrounded by cliffs.
The band's recordings, with pristine melodies and ear-candy production, don't fit everyone's definition of rock 'n' roll.
The relatively pristine condition of the bones is yet another clue.
For scientific reasons, they represent pristine example of the early solar system.
We see a virtual-reality illusion that we're alone in a pristine galaxy.
As anxiety about the future grows, earlier episodes cease to be viewed as pristine or untouchable.
However it isn't a likely contributor, and pristine abiogenesis seems simple enough.
It's a yellowed husk of its pristine-white former self, tragically hefty-looking next to its slimmer, silver younger sibling.
Pristine waters yield fresh whitefish, and prolific orchards are filled with pie-ready fruits.
Prolific orchards contribute ripe fruit for mouthwatering pies, and the pristine waters of the lake yield firm-fleshed fish.
The pristine dairy is a two-minute walk from the manure and mud of the barn.
Should it be dressy or casual, sloppy or pristine, the look is up to you.
On this pristine east coast, topography varies from rugged cliffs to serene beaches, and the views seem to extend to infinity.
In addition, golf does not take place in a placid, pristine environment.
In the forty-two feet between the pitching rubber and home plate a pristine ball might curve two or three feet.
But if you're thinking pristine, kept-in-its-original-jacket first edition, think again.
National law allows any citizen to forage in the country's pristine forests.
They are still in pristine condition, the covers still attached and the pages bearing few marks.
Collective security, however, has been seen as something noble and pristine.
These pristine borrowers are seen as having virtually no risk.
Plant and animal species evolved to depend on the pristine structure and function of the river-floodplain relationship.

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