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The prison even gives inmates cakes on their birthdays.
They have no reason to lie as they are in prison for life.
Career- and technical-education programs serve a variety of learners, including high school students and prison inmates.
In prison you go in and you have to fight to defend yourself.
Rocky, are forced to rely on their abundant imaginations to create an epic version of their father while he's in prison.
Prison did what it was supposed to do, and too rarely does: it turned someone from a tax burden into a taxpayer.
The officials now face sentences of up to six years in prison.
Prison farming projects have shown to be a great way to improve self worth of inmates and reduce aggression.
Today we'll spend all day filming at our prison location.
While they are fascinating creatures they should not be kept in small prison cells.
Some areas have experienced fires and looting, and there have been reports of prison breaks.
As an added benefit to the public purse, lots of police time and prison space would be freed up.
Those who never allow their self image to vary would seem to trapped in a prison of their own making.
It strikes me that the prison population may be a good study group for nutrition.
His years in prison strengthened his resolve and now he uses his camera as a weapon to fight against war and injustice.
Stealing a car is the fastest ticket to prison there is.
In each prison is an area where inmates may be engaged with their faith.
If a brother was in the hospital, it meant he was in prison.
He probably isn't getting much sunshine now in prison.
As first-time offenders, they'll probably get ten months to one and a half years in a federal prison.
During his multiple prison stints he ate little but potatoes, a diet that kept him in good health.
People don't mind being in prison as long as no one else is free.
Its owner was later sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and tax-evasion charges.
Our guide opened a door and explained that this was not only the court but the prison.
Not really same as one can learn little about free humans from studying humans in the solitary confinement wing of a prison.
He also survived and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.
If possible, you should pay them a supportive visit in prison.
The governor sent him to prison where he remained a long time suffering divers torments.
In no state prison are the convicts more regularly set to work, and more closely watched.
There are laws that will send them to prison if they were caught.
Corruption is rampant and the central government is only keeping things moving by threat of prison and firing squad.
If nothing else, cutting the prison population helps the bottom line.
Her prison term was long enough to have taught her, as she says, that she could get into tough situations and manage.
Inside a prison, cell phones defeat some of the purpose of incarceration.
They're among the biggest problems prison officials face.
Dull skies, a sullen ocean, squat white prison buildings-it's a landscape of emotional devastation.
And it is bad news that he felt pushed by the constant threat of prison at home to choose between silence and exile.
We'd prefer someone get away with a crime than to spend time in prison for a crime they didn't commit.
Crack is what he preferred, and he went to prison for it twice and another two times for parole violations.
Leona was convicted of multiple counts and served eighteen months in federal prison.
Eventually, he was arrested, and spent five years in prison.
Eventually, two manufacturers and distributors were executed and another nineteen or so went to prison.
The receding walls and the darkened windows, as uniform as prison windows, eat up the viewer.
Three went on to the pros, and two went on to prison.
There are reports of some getting roughed up and thrown in prison or put on the next plane.
He told no one of his plans, not even his parents, for fear that they might tell someone else and he'd be tossed in prison.
The penalties may include capital punishment and prison for life.
The junta has placed such strict limits on her activities that she has in effect simply been released into a larger prison.
They receive milder prison sentences and higher damages in simulated legal proceedings.
Meanwhile popular musicians, as well as journalists and poor people, are sent to prison.
There should be no safer place in our society than inside a prison.
Supplements were deemed so cost-effective that they would allow prison services to be improved at the same time as saving money.
Thousands have been convicted and sentenced to terms of between several months and five years in prison.
She lies to the prosecutor to conceal a crucial piece of evidence that would have seen her father sent to prison.
The prison provides minimum-custody inmate work crews for community service projects.
Even stranger, individuals within the confines of prison walls fermented the plot.
The prosecution demanded prison time, but a military judge instead imposed a fine and reduction in rank.
Correctional officials see danger in prison overcrowding.
Many more people are poor, uninsured, and in prison.
His position allowed him access to old prison archives not open to the public, and his arguments are supported by solid data.
Everybody knew that the party would quickly crush a direct challenge to its authority, and nobody wanted to go to prison.

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