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The guiding principle of the volume seems to be that literary history is prismatic.
Its lateral third is flattened from above downward, while its medial two-thirds is of a rounded or prismatic form.
It is a long bone, prismatic in form and slightly curved longitudinally.
On transverse section the horizontal portion exhibits a prismatic, the curved portion a semicylindrical form.
Certainly, each of his acclaimed, prismatic albums seems to float in its own haunted universe.
But charming as the prismatic effect is, it is rivaled by the clever jesting.
The prismatic effects in some of the scenes that take place on the stage are not especially good.
In this case, the definition of the distance axis was not a problem because the channel was rectangular and prismatic.
All prismatic sheeting materials may be used for all signs.
Light travels down the pipe, reflecting off the prismatic film that lines the outer acrylic tube.
The addition of prismatic elements is locally stopped if negative volume elements are created.
One solution to the problems of resistance and shadowing is prismatic covers.
The second was a horizontally operating prismatic cutter, the candidate design for our new sensor.
Packaging formats include cylindrical, prismatic, button and pouch.

Famous quotes containing the word prismatic

Then a small rainbow like a trellis gate, A very small moon-made prismatic bow, Stood closely over us throu... more
I feel like a white granular mass of amorphous crystals—my formula appears to be isomeric with Spasmotoxin. My aurochl... more
Yes; as the music changes, Like a prismatic glass, It takes the light and ranges Through all the moods that... more
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