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But the researchers found that a prism with three faces spins even faster when dropped.
In essence, a new rainbow of physics emerges by shining old physics through a musical prism.
They reflect the full range of emotions, made more vibrant and poignant through the prism of warfare.
Newton uses a prism to demonstrate that white light can be broken down into a spectrum of colors.
East has played low-high in trumps, a prism signal to show that he has one even suit and three odds.
Many of them view politics through a military prism.
Now it's almost impossible to avoid seeing a vacation through the prism of your portable gadgets.
Flipping a toggle changed the mirror's angle so that the view to the rear was seen through a prism.
Unfortunately libs and dems only see things through the limited prism of equal outcomes.
Economics is less a slavish creed than a prism through which to understand the world.
Seen through the prism of soccer, the striking thing is how time has worked its catharsis.
Indeed, this is how a prism separates the colors of white light.
Critics may complain that viewing all behaviour through a prism of natural selection is reductive.
Crystalline resolution through a prism of ideologies.
Instead, you left readers with a negative view rendered through the prism of less successful regional ventures.
Bach has long proved irresistible to artists drawn to reconstructing his music through a contemporary prism.
Their experience in the admissions process provides yet another prism through which to view the affirmative action debate.
We can also view the time-to-degree question through the prism of graduate-student debt.
But blue feathers result from refraction, a prism-style splitting of light inside a feather.
And, obviously, it provided a new prism through which to consider history and world affairs.
The only way to do science is to look at the world through the prism of methodological naturalism.
Prism's software is designed to be used with existing security cameras.
When viewed through that prism, it seems clear and even necessary that such a project is publicly funded and managed.
War is presented primarily through the distorted prism of the occupiers.
Economists prefer to see elections through the prism of economics.
The fiscal threat, while real, provides too narrow a prism for understanding a question so complex.
And what better prism through which to look at that era than.
Everything is shot through this prism of short-term political calculation as opposed to thinking seriously about stuff.
Some of the prettiest snow crystals are the ones that have this little hexagon shaped ice prism as their foundation.
That's because it involves filtering the blockbuster's scattershot nuclear terrorism plot through the prism of current events.
The lobby, where guests check in at round registration stations, would be tame but for the forest of prism lights overhead.
We examine this year's leading presidential candidates through that prism.
It seems every time you examine answers you do so through the prism of your understanding of the world.

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