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This rare and reclusive animal is a major conservation priority in Haiti.
At this year's show we made it a priority to reach out to new customers.
That's why vaccines are the foundation's number one priority.
You can change the priority of any of these factors to increase or decrease their weight in any search.
Safety is our priority.
Give families a higher priority in the housing lottery.
Promoting tourism, obviously, was not at the top of many priority lists.
He made the first step, but now it is not a priority.
We hear about them in letters of recommendation, but hard numbers take priority.
It seems like education reform should be the top priority.
So finding ways to manipulate electron spin is a priority in many labs around the world.
Traffic from business customers was given a top priority on networks, with consumer traffic taking second place.
Paper shuffling eats up time, and agencies may not give priority to supplying a system they know will be slow to respond anyway.
Some people had higher priority and they could do two to three runs a day.
Another desirable top global priority would be an inexpensive method to desalinate sea water to fresh water.
We now put a much higher priority on protecting civilians.
Making chips smaller is no longer a priority, in my opinion.
Establishing responsibility for the preservation of digital data must be seen as a priority.
In addition, partnering with private industry has long been a priority.
The first priority was getting the thing plugged in and the battery charged.
Resisting such pressures must be a priority for regulators.
The low priority of high ideals is, practically speaking, built into the contemporary system.
The likelihood must be that restarting economic growth by any available means will take priority over environmental concerns.
Maybe he had reasons for the risky priority he followed.
Then there are those who are making charity their priority.
The president's final priority must be to connect a much smarter power grid to vastly more efficient buildings and machines.
His first and last priority was to make music, which keeps his sound melodic and accessible.
In getting on and off the trains, priority goes to people carrying bicycles, not strollers.
The priority wasn't to cultivate a highly professional law-enforcement organization but to control the budget.
The information about priority categories is simplified.
Environmental and conservation issues used to be as low a legislative priority as court reform is today.
Federal guidelines--and conventional wisdom--give priority to health-care workers, the youngest, the frail and the elderly.
We will cover the world, but will take the south as a departure point and a priority.
Not so long ago, the idea of a balanced budget was a marginal, we'll-get-to-it-someday priority.
Tell me why border security shouldn't be our first priority.
My third priority would be to eviscerate the ratings agencies that kept slapping happy-face stickers on financial crud.
He wondered aloud if the chemistry could be tweaked to produce automobile fuel, but nobody gave the idea a high priority.
One year later, technological innovation continues to be a priority for our nation.
The designers made user comfort and convenience a priority, a bold achievement in the world of portable computing.
Small wonder, then, that space-weather prediction has become a top priority on the nation's research agenda.
Those are luxuries that rate low priority amid the crises of the modern world.
It needs to become prominent on the national radar and a priority in policy discussions.
He can be from a background where intelligence isn't a high priority and on a career path where it's irrelevant.
He truly a visionary with science being his top priority, not politics.
But my point was to set some sort of priority, where a little bit of care may make it so much better for all of us.
Unfortunately the main priority seems to be time before first use, as the alternatives are dropped or uncertain.
And then figure out where it should go in your priority chain.
Then they detect whether the upper body is in view as that is often not a priority with flashers.

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