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Example sentences for printed circuit

Millions of printed circuit boards from discarded electronics are tossed into landfills every year.
The tubes and wires have been replaced with much tidier printed circuit boards.
They are also widely used to make prescription drugs, printed circuit boards and microchips.
The technology could also act as a masking technique during the manufacture of printed circuit boards.
Instead of copper wiring wound around a heavy iron core, the company's stator is made of printed circuit boards.
In the other end, three mini printed circuit boards will transmit and receive signals.
Your dad can always be tuned in with this vibrant screen printed circuit board tie in copper and silver metallic inks.
The factory made printed circuit boards for electric cooking appliances.
Detailed examination of the footage suggests a close-up of printed circuit boards connecting electronic components.
Wire wrap shall not be used on printed circuit boards.
The printed circuit boards shall be housed within a card file and be of the plug-in type.
Design of detector electrodes and multilayer printed circuit boards.
Microwave components were manufactured in one building and printed circuit boards in the other.

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