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We started by choosing printed designs and photocopying them.
Modern silk-screen patterns in earthy colors are printed with nontoxic water-based dyes.
Modern screen patterns in earthy colors are printed with nontoxic water-based dyes.
Landscape photographs printed on foam core are a sweet reminder of a favorite place.
Feeling the need of meeting his copy face to face, he had four copies printed in large type on one side of the page.
Well, they're far cheaper to produce than printed texts, making a bulk purchase more feasible.
The earliest electronic textbooks simply offered the text of the printed book on a computer.
At its core, this case asks whether a course pack delivered electronically differs from one printed on paper.
As he ran the word over in his head and compared them to the printed text, though, something odd happened.
The paper continued to publish online, but its printed edition was blocked.
Cursive is slow, and it requires too much concentration on the shape of the printed letter.
Once printed, the reels can be cut up into individual cells and wired together to make battery packs.
By contrast, the bar-codes printed on supermarket products cost less than half a cent each.
People who read hypertext comprehend and learn less, studies show, than those who read the same material in printed form.
In the car boots will be laptop computers, cash-counting machines and pre-printed signs that can be stuck on the windows.
Other cards, called chromolithographs, were printed in color.
Then be sure to check out the labels, which are printed on little pieces of plastic tilted for easy reading.
Not another edition, not the same work but printed later.
There's also the added benefit of having color photographs for every recipe-which is a luxury in printed cookbooks.
Scientists who want manipulate the properties of certain materials work with nano-scale patterns printed with those materials.
Printed materials on the mirror allow it to serve its purpose with little distraction.
But they will be manufactured using a roll-to-roll process, similar to the way ink is printed on paper.
Traditionally reference works have been available solely in printed form.
The longevity of an ink jet print is the time a printed picture can be displayed before objectionable fading occurs.
Some three million copies have been printed to date.
Other researchers have printed working transistors and solar cells.
Millions of printed circuit boards from discarded electronics are tossed into landfills every year.
These molecules can be dissolved to form inks, allowing components to be printed onto easy-to-handle substrates such as plastic.
The printing method placed one particle per dot to create the tiniest piece of artwork ever printed from single pigment particles.
Dan double-checked the bakers' work, finding they had followed the printed recipe exactly.
Few believe that newspapers in their current printed form will survive.
He said an employee punched the key to print labels and put the labels the machine printed on the packages.
His father had printed, by hand, three beginnings on every page.
In the printed page the word of mouth is the only feature which is of necessity entirely absent.
He made this determination despite the fact that the face printed on them was none other than his own.
They were so sure of it that they printed it in ink, on paper.
Extra bonus backstory info: the image they printed with my star in it does not have my star in it.
It is good that celebrities can use their website to counter all the lies printed about them.
Printed electronics have been advancing in bits and pieces for years-a crude processor here, a basic memory device there.
The printed shape in the foreground weighs half as much.
The prototype display's pixels are controlled by fast-switching silicon transistors printed on top of plastic.
But conventional energy-storage devices still weigh down these printed electronics.
The body of the electric car could have a printed solar cell on the outside and an ultra capacitor on the inside.
The result is cheaper than traditional circuits and faster than printed organic electronics.
These inks consist of anything from proteins to individual cells printed in microscopic patterns.
Because the organs would be printed from a patient's own cells, there would be less danger of rejection.
When incubated in the lab with immature bone cells, the printed bone helped support growth of a new network of bone cells.
In each case, the appropriate texts could be printed and bound according to the specifications of the reader.
The following year, a second series was printed from the same acetates on cotton, each with the same red background.
Touchy situations arise when the printed text differs from all known manuscripts.
Practical matters were in the party's printed platform and remained locked up there.
Your dad can always be tuned in with this vibrant screen printed circuit board tie in copper and silver metallic inks.
However, there aren't any cute designs printed on them, so maybe they are special radiation masks.
To me the other design shops are bookshops with printed scripts of plays.
It also helps that all products come with printed instructions.
Bring all printed pages with you when you come in for your interview.
Printed catalogs provide access to individual special collections or have been annotated to indicate the division's holdings.

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