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He taught himself the principles of photography at the age of 14.
Those are the principles on which I do not intend to compromise.
Beyond that, the balancing principles of contrast and repetition come into play.
They each teach about scientific principles and important skills, and have direction for useful crafts and fun projects.
And we are confident in principles that unite and lead us onward.
While not theologically deep or biblically rigorous, it is full of wise principles, useful lists and practical leadership tips.
Personal stories illustrate that eight principles are central to forging the path to achievement.
From her I learned the basic principles of book design and layout, and the importance of exacting attention to detail.
For this reason, parents should explain the principles behind the new rules.
With out the principles the details just lean in a random, ever changing, direction.
Much of his research is on rats, but he says the same basic principles apply to human memory as well.
The principles on which our country was founded were attacked.
But the superficial differences mask the essential truth: both cricket and baseball operate on the same principles.
And yet for over a hundred years, feature films have played with science's facts and distorted its principles and theories.
His paintings use sound principles of art combined with the elements of design to create his unique works of art.
Here also the results have been extremely satisfactory, and in beautiful harmony with the pathological principles indicated above.
They are not the principles of a province or of a single continent.
In this gallery, learn principles and techniques for using flash to enhance the scene without overpowering the shot.
When it comes to noncombatants, there are two main principles.
Support green-building initiatives in your town and try to incorporate their principles into your own projects.
It provides a solid introduction to the ocean and the ocean literacy principles in an accessible and reader-friendly manner.
The rest were modified to fit in with the principles.
The principles behind retinal implants are well established, he says.
And he must go further, by championing three principles.
Case study is a tool to illustrate principles and theories.
In that case you can use the economic principles of elasticity and transaction costs otherwise.
His party seems to have no philosophical principles at all.
Crucial ideas about the role of prices and markets, the basic principles of microeconomics, are uncontroversial among economists.
These principles are borne at home, since at school people achieve only the knowledge principles.
Economic principles work best when applied to commerce type situations, which this is clearly not.
Imagine for a moment that, on both sides, there could be no argument based on religious principles.
And to the principles that this revolution was created for: creating safety, security, peace and prosperity.
Also required is a commitment to the principles and practice of servant leadership in a church related university environment.
Prepares financial and statistical information in accordance with applicable accounting, industry and regulatory principles.
Moreover, any attempt to apply the principles of auditing beyond the auspices of the church is by definition squirreling.
Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world.
When someone talks about distance, you should think about the work-energy principles.
But there are deep, systematic, organizational principles at work in all that diversity.
It spoiled physicists' dream to explain the universe as the unique outcome of basic principles.
If he had known the principles of genetics, imagine how much better his understanding would have been.
AA was created by a small group of people who found that certain principles seemed common to those who achieve sobriety.
Science or first principles do not affect government decisions in democracies.
Only creatures possessing free will and lacking instinctual behavior need a set of principles to guide their actions.
Of course, the practice must be monitored to ensure correct application of the principles involved.
New principles can stop us from dumping on minorities and the poor.
Behind the pretty image, however, fireworks rely on basic physical and chemical principles.
The exact mechanism by which exercise enhances strength remains unclear, but its basic principles are understood.
The latter is a historical curiosity based on principles of boat design centuries-old, many of which have been forgotten.
Static electricity works on similar principles as a magnet.
The experiment shows that the principles of quantum mechanics can apply to everyday objects as well as as atomic-scale particles.
Although they work on the same principles, different platforms have distinct biases that could influence the results.
Moreover using this concept and energy equivalence and quantum physics can be derived from first principles.
We can increase the efficiency and life span of the car by applying the principles of green driving.
Deductive reasoning applies general principles to predict specific results.
Apparently they also have no need for guiding principles in determining their perspectives or behavior.
Gu and his collaborators determined that the same principles apply to forest canopies.
Our findings suggest a number of things about the organizing principles that govern the encoding of memory.
Similar principles are helpful when trying to find apples in a supermarket or lost keys in our house.
The discourse follows the same logical principles as spoken language.
To affirm this as a psychiatric malady is to repudiate the principles of science itself.
But, critical thinking and the application of the principles of science have been around much longer.
Today the principles that govern stars are taught in middle school, and exotica such as dark matter dominate the headlines.
But the principles that govern the solution of the problems do not.
Throwing out the whey went against his principles, so he bought pigs to feed with it.
Public discussion of tax policy tends to focus on the outcome, rather than the principles that produce those outcomes.
Science and math principles are taught through hands-on activities, not through rote learning.
One of my guiding principles is, if you want to know the solution to a problem, go to the people closest to the problem.
One of the guiding principles was to take care of your customers.
My guiding principles were to stay away from the small amount of tactical information in the pamphlet.
There is a time for battling over first principles and political philosophy, especially for those of us who enjoy doing it.
Those not killed for their meat or hides or oil got a bullet on general principles, because they competed with humans for fish.
Corruption in the country is systemic, and the revolutionaries lack unifying political principles.
The experts they called in explained the basic principles of effective community policing.
But they remain blunt instruments, guided by principles and conditions that differ from those in civilian society.
But he shuddered to think what his ambition, together with his principles, had helped make happen.
The principles of global warming are as well established as any in physics.
That's easy to ask in hindsight, but people need jobs, and not everyone has the luxury to follow their principles.
Although her tactics were often surprisingly cunning and cautious, she always adhered to these principles.
We know that many of you understand the principles of preppy style.
Principles-a belief in a right way as opposed to a wrong way.
Stick to your principles or join the machine-it's a choice that has flummoxed many an indie band.
But you get the sense that all his years in purgatory have left him with some informing principles that he actually believes in.
And the actual principles-they're not accessible to consciousness.
Using the principles of photosynthesis, scientists create more efficient storage for solar power.
Slide designers also have a few predictable physical principles in their favor.
Uses principles of physics and mathematics to understand the workings of the universe.
It would be more viable to apply the same principles as those being implemented in solar thermal power plants.
Those are the guiding principles behind the military's latest bombs.
It's easy to imagine that such a process would be straightforward to model from first principles on a computer.
Science advances by learning general problem-solving principles.
So an important question is whether there are any quantifiable principles behind our choice of ingredient combinations.
It may be easier to teach and learn a language designed from scratch from first principles.
Using probability seems to come closer to the uncertainty principles that emerge at the quantum scale too.
General principles of how to accommodate both owners are useful, but individuals have differing interests and sensitivities.
The principles seem quite simple as mentioned previously though.
Concise thoughts organized according to scientific principles are always welcome here.
Give us something new based on sound principles to make life easier.
Layman public should learn the principles, on which every overgrown community of people is based.
Principles of physics was violated and that of mathematics was violated.
The endurance of a theory so conceived-almost from first principles-has excited the admiration of generations of biologists.
What would seem to be basic, and even obvious, principles often seem contradicted.
But statehood must be, at some point, a willing acceptance of principles.
Even more urgent, his piece suggests, is the need for some principles in the criticism of criticism.
Nonetheless, one day his principles inexplicably collapse.
Five core principles guide many of the board's debates.
It's not that anyone is asking him to deviate from his principles.
But no new freestanding scientific principles are needed to understand these phenomena.
After all, the basic sanitary principles for food processing were pretty well worked out decades ago.

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