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One-tailed t-tests are seldom used, but for no particularly principled reason.
With billions of dollars at stake, the line has blurred between principled players and unscrupulous schemers.
For this principled stand he was criticized as being unpatriotic.
But the motivation behind that dabbling is often principled outrage and a drive to right wrongs.
Either become real or be labeled hereinafter as someone lacking the courage and principled conviction to stand behind his words.
All this talk of freedom of choice and freedom from government control comforts the principled.
Principled libertarianism is an interesting and even tempting idea.
So what he did was draw clear lines and make a principled fight.
Arguments about federalization tend to be more political than principled.
Yes-if they similarly laid the groundwork for a long, principled, and sustainable struggle.
And to overcome that fear, sponsors of campaign-finance reform will need to seem principled indeed.
The pragmatic need to stimulate a flagging economy has achieved what years of principled arguments for lower taxes failed to do.
Above all, the government shows no sign of trying to handle the cases in a principled, consistent manner.
Principled protest votes are a luxury enjoyed by minorities.
Some of the resistance is principled, but much comes from the people who do well out of today's filthy system.
More evidence that you can't be principled and partisan.
The other is more principled: the question of how individual consent should be involved in the arrangement.
The fact that people use free market ideas to argue for some government actions is utilitarian, not principled.
Some would consider it principled when a politician has the guts to try to shape public opinion rather than be shaped by it.
None of these arguments, despite their principled appeal, is persuasive.
He was deeply principled and unswervingly loyal to his friends and to countless causes and communities.
Their principled position is evidently no match for parochialism and politics.
Given the option of affordable insurance, such people aren't principled individualists.
Well, one can believe that some bit of ancient theology was wrong, and have a principled basis for believing that.
No principled party would tolerate such a deficient rule change to be enacted.
Today he is remembered as a gifted lawmaker and principled maverick who thrived on controversy.
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