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Water harvesting is another xeriscape principle at work in this garden.
This form of the momentum principle works if the force is constant or if the time is very short.
You don't change that basic principle.
Evolution matters because it is the central organizing principle of biology.
In her latest book, she combines the 1-2-3 principle with a more nutrition-conscious approach.
But there is no young person who, in principle, cannot be enhanced.
This notion, known as the equivalence principle, laid the foundation for general relativity.
While in his 20's, he rejected the principle that a swimmer should pull his arms straight back through the water.
One thing this committee did was to draw up “seven principles of public life”.
How does the uncertainty principle stop an atom from going there?
The principle was observed long before it was named.
Perhaps you should read it again, because you have clearly failed to understand the principle behind it.
It is based on the long-known principle that electrons can be pushed through a material by heat.
And food allergies may work on an altogether different principle.
What is different now is the evolution of a new political organism, with paranoia as its animating principle.
The one whose basic principle of play is the kicking of a ball by a foot.
He still favors public financing in principle, and he says he'll work to modernize it in practice.
Each nation gives life to this principle in its own way, grounded in the traditions of its own people.
Free trade is supposed to be about a principle: nondiscrimination between domestic and foreign goods.
Yet it is of great practical importance not to overstress the principle of commonality in the elementary-school curriculum.
It improves one's ability to teach but makes one question the sacred principle of publish or perish.
The principle is to discuss all of your qualifications for the job, in more or less declining order of importance.
At the end of the day, we've opted for a society organized along a principle of extraordinary openness.
Yet with respect to the principle of indeterminacy relating does not necessarily imply acting.
The principle underlying such codes has a long history.
In principle, such tests could effectively rule out theories of micrometer-size extra dimensions, he says.
Once the design principle on one level is conquered, the principle on the other levels even on the whole system may be deduced.
There are indeed types of particle detectors called spark chambers that exploit this principle.
In principle, any animal can carry a disease that humans could catch.
Although these are made using a computer, the principle can be understood by using a digital camera and random-dot images.
KB said what he said as evidence that this principle is unquestioned, or rather, universally regarded as coherent.
As for missiles, it is a completely different principle all together.
So the fundamental principle in self-control is addressing the deeper issues of our personal value system.
My moment with the fork made me remember a basic principle of industrial design: how it feels.
In his book he talks about the humility of the hereditary principle.
It is hoped that this principle will now be adopted widely.
It should be encouraged, for reasons of both principle and practice.
In principle, a stronger yuan would help by making exports less profitable and by giving consumers more spending power.
Both companies and their accusers reckoned that the courts treated the principle of liability as a given.
But that principle now has few defenders in the world's trade ministries.
In principle that was admirable-capitalism requires people to pay for their mistakes.
Yet each new reforming principle crumbles before him.
Constructive suggestions are rare in a debate that has mixed a lot of rhetorical cant with a big principle.
It is one thing to offer benefits to citizens who are felt to need them, another to water down the principle of equal citizenship.
At the risk of provoking ruptured spleens all round, here is a third attempt, using the principle outlined in the first paragraph.
The party made clear that it was not against devolving the powers in principle, only against devolving them now.
Individual photons possess properties that are governed by one of the basic laws of quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle.
But as to which principle has the higher moral claim, no simple rule provides an answer.
Today, openness has become a fundamental business principle, but its value hasn't always been so obvious.
The work energy principle says that the work done on an object is equal to its change in energy.
Our ability to lower prices again now is an example of this principle at work.
It was a basic principle of friction, applied to water.
Yes, as a matter of principle, people have a right to know where their food comes from.
The work-energy principle and acceleration due to circular motion.
We must combine it with some degree of altruism, some concern for our fellow human beings based on the principle of reciprocity.
Those conversations revealed to me the difference between principle and the debt one owes to family.
Originally, when war was simpler, this principle was translatable as the principle of noncombatant immunity.
Friendship is less demanding than a more intimate and vulnerable romantic connection, but the same principle applies.
The same principle is behind the insincerity with which novelist-critics review each other's books.
Then take my second principle: fight the continuing effects of the harm.
Meaning that in principle you can go collect it again months or years later.
But the principle at play dictates that he must recognize the shifting landscape and adapt.
The editorial principle governing selection seems to have been the fear of leaving out some influential colleague.
Throughout modern history, the discovery of each new unifying principle in physics has sparked stunning new practical insights.
That's good news, as epigenetic modifications-unlike mutations-are in principle reversible.
There is a straightforward way, in principle, to measure these two types of curvature.
Uniformitarianism is a good example of a working principle which is fruitful without being true.
The behavioral experiments at the base of this work wouldn't, in principle, surprise a tyro in sophomore biology.
These experiments are a proof-of-principle and their results may not bear out as planned in practice.
It is regarded as a true science, despite what you state, and is often considered a principle component of modern biology.
Your rebuttal is right in broad principle, but not in current practice.
The life-principle of the body politic lies in the sovereign authority.
But let us examine this principle a little more attentively-for it is the palmary one.
The contents illustrated a strict obedience to this principle.
At one time, outsiders could see this principle in action.
It's an important proof of principle for using computers to aid materials design.
The principle is similar to lithium-ion, but sodium ions are more abundant and hence cheaper to use.
Doing this with colors is trickier, but the same principle applies.
After all, democracy is built on the principle that large groups know how to govern themselves.
That's an important proof of principle for any future application of the technology in fighting serious infections.
The second principle is that these ballots must be tallied securely.
The principle is almost identical, but detection and filtering methods are radically different.
Principle of superposition does not suggest that a particle can exist at more than one place.
Using this principle for any thing that involves intangibles may be stretching it a bit too far.
It also suggests that the brain uses the same principle of learning and organization for vastly disparate knowledge.
Both groups give essentially the same answer to the question of principle that supposedly divides them.
Instead, infamy functions here as an aesthetic, formal principle.
But in the end, his argument is not a pragmatic one-it is an argument of principle.
We only lacked a technology that was possible in principle to attain, but unimagined in practice.
As for his own world model, this embodies a principle of simplification.
Everybody can understand this when the principle is explained explicitly and patiently.
Even if the principle that allegedly motivated the guidelines is mistaken, it doesn't follow that the guidelines are mistaken too.
In principle, they are largely expected to return to the village.
In principle, adverse selection can still occur even if health insurance comes with a job rather than as a stand-alone policy.
By the way, this is my second attempt at establishing a general principle of argumentation and naming it after myself.
It's far from being the same topic, but it's the principle behind it, it's the big picture.
The precautionary principle continues to be a highly controversial topic in health and environmental policy.
They're aiming too low, they're fundamentally divided on matters of principle, and they have no muscle.
It's a bit confusing in principle, but it's simple in implementation.
Such is the power of charm to unhinge righteous principle.
It's the strength of political principle that has been the truly threatened resource.

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