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Antihistamines act principally by blocking the action of histamine at receptors located on the blood vessels in the nose.
Energy waves can be redirected or even split by several methods, principally refraction or mirroring.
And a lack of demand principally comes from household debt.
He was charged with failing to report gifts, principally in the form of renovations to a small house he owned.
The telephone, though it became popular with consumers relatively quickly, was first used principally as a business tool.
Its other main use is principally social, and defensive.
Manage the herd areas principally for mustangs, not sheep and cattle.
Those clients are principally coal, oil, and gas companies.
Wise heads still argue about whether the cold war was principally a long misunderstanding, a contest of ideals or a power rivalry.
They are principally weak because the financial crisis is caused by the buildup of leverage.
But testosterone is principally about dominance and hierarchy.
Although its measures were principally aimed at fighting terrorism, they have made life more difficult for traffickers as well.
Now, the movement appears to come principally from the students and their sympathizers.

Famous quotes containing the word principally

All that stock of arguments [the skeptics] produce to depreciate our faculties, and make mankind appear ignorant and low... more
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