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This grotesque outcome follows naturally from the primordial lie.
There's something primordial about eating meat off the bone.
The proper way to show it hurts is with a loud primordial grunt.
If so, this primordial instinct joins a lengthening list of maladaptations to modern life.
But their countries have always been linked by far more primordial forces.
The walls of the basement playroom reverberate with the sounds of pounding, primordial yells and groans spiraling upstairs.
Analysis of the resulting cloud of debris will provide information about conditions in the primordial solar system.
They are seeking ultimately to reconstruct the primordial language, the mother tongue of all humans.
They would do this by “stealing” a property called lepton number from the primordial cosmic soup.
Legions of modern artists have been attracted to things prehistoric, archaic and primordial.
The proof that one had acted wisely because of obeying the primordial habit of nature flattered one's self-esteem.
Wild beasts have always mirrored both our primordial pride and our deepest fears.
If that is true, then soul talk is a part of that primordial language.
The stationary bandit therefore takes on the primordial function of government.
Water was vital to life, and life's sacred essence, ever since the first pre-primordial life existed billions of years ago.
As he lies sleeping on a giant serpent in the primordial ocean, a lotus flower sprouts from his navel.
As the temperature dropped further, the steam condensed into rain that tell in primordial monsoons and filled the ocean basins.
The two experiences, each primordial in its own way, are separated by only an hour's drive.
Each pushes forward in the grip of her primordial needs, until sheer muscle overcomes friction and they grind past each other.
It's a deep, primordial sound that builds to a metallic wail as the power comes on in a seemingly unending rush.
And that's a primordial calling: goes all the way back to the cave painters.
He discovered the large-scale structure of the tree of life, with all living creatures descended from three primordial branches.
New findings suggest that a lump of clay could have provided a platform for the formation of primordial cells.
The trouble is that the helium photons are outnumbered a billion to one by primordial photons.
Such maps are now extensive enough to correlate cosmic structures with the primordial fluctuations that seeded them.
They created an approximation of primordial seawater.
The satellite will also look for evidence of primordial gravity waves, providing theorists with more data to apply to their ideas.
The writer s addition of the word primordial is nothing but a portentous attempt to pretend to be saying something profound.
Basic tastes are largely hardwired, predetermined by genetics and our primordial drive to stay alive.
But none of those primordial forms of life which naturalists call species, are known to have changed during any of these periods.
They are something much more ancient and primordial, living on a different plane of existence.
The planetesimals, of course, grew from similar collisions--bigger rocks from smaller rocks all the way back to primordial grit.
Each galaxy possesses a finite portion of this primordial fuel, and there is no way to make any more of it.
But when that primordial stimulus came through, he ran for cover.
Primordial gravity waves, on the other hand, can cut right through that fog.
It floated in the cloud of primordial matter that formed the sun and the planets.
Next is raw primordial emotion, not resting on words of the language.
It takes a bottom-up approach to understand awareness in the primordial, not top down.
Ubiquity, a bourgeois, primordial driblet of reality is.

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