primly in a sentence

Example sentences for primly

She sits primly on a sofa, hands in lap, attending to her husband's clichés.
Seated on a stool with hands folded primly on its lap, it wore a bright pink blazer and gray slacks.
Rusting street signs primly warn against parking, or herald a clinic or a pedestrian crossing.
Every other seat was occupied by a primly dressed elderly.
Bush sits on a couch, her hands folded in her lap and her knees primly locked together.
He reached beneath this garment to where the slip, with its tiny lace eyelets, waited primly.
Journalists, even columnists, are supposed to primly decline to say how they plan to vote.
Usually, she settled herself primly on the couch and spoke softly and timidly.

Famous quotes containing the word primly

The harp is an insipid instrument—no good for dancing, feasting, or marching, only for sitting primly in ... more
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