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The summer rains have the function of recharging the groundwater aquifer-of priming the system in anticipation of the flood.
Priming our mind with thoughts of time or money influences our future behavior.
Master and her coauthors interpret these data as an example of cognitive priming.
No causal research has aggregated these priming tactics into a cohesive plan either.
And each brand of the newer inhaler requires a different frequency of priming.
When the proteins encounter such pathogens, they chop them up and expose the parts to the insects, priming their immune response.
First, take some priming sugar and make a syrup with it.
If the words were unrelated to colour, the power-priming had no effect on their performance.
By not allowing them to fight those diseases at full strength, that priming is not occurring.
Light regulates the body's biological clock-priming an individual's metabolism for predictable events such as meals and slumber.
Debit cards already ensure it, with careful cash-priming, but the cash flows only one way.
The government also has plenty of scope for pump-priming after achieving a surplus for the past four years running.
But lower borrowing costs are of little use if politicians remain sceptical about the merits of fiscal pump-priming.
Although often accused of priming the pump, the government has barely touched the handle over the past eight years.
The government had already done some fiscal pump-priming earlier.
And it requires a follow-up application of joint compound, sanding and priming before the final coat of paint can be applied.

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