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In addition to expanding the known limits of snake biology, the ancient serpent contains clues to primeval rain forest climate.
The poet skillfully mixes the concrete metaphors of the primeval theme with metaphysical imagery.
In the rather more primeval bubbling of a moka, things aren't so precise.
They will fill out an empty bed with primeval-looking foliage.
The mats he's talking about are one of the signs of primeval Earth.
It's a primeval landscape, raw and unspoiled and faintly threatening.
One of them is the last fragment of primeval forest in Europe.
It's like waking up from some primeval nightmare.
Take for example the tomb of the primeval kings.
They might incline at first to refer the construction of such stupendous works to some superhuman powers of the primeval world.
Sounds like these comments are coming from some kind of savage, primeval tribe.
All domain of esoterism, of yoga, of meditation can be counted to area of primeval religion.
Enchanting, primeval-looking birds with six-foot wingspans, the cranes are intimately connected to the river and its valley.
But only if the imported nucleus is at the right point in its cycle can its genetic material revert to a primeval state.
All this vast pile of sedimentary rock was worn from the slopes and shores of the primeval northern land.
Guided by a ranger, they walked along the tree-canopied boardwalk through the primeval holly forest behind the dunes.
In the beginning, the matter that emerged from the primeval fireball was remarkably smooth and uniform.
In the beginning, the primeval seas were probably only slightly salty.
Loggers were rapidly cutting the great primeval forests that remained on these mountains.
They can be visited today to experience the primeval character of the original presettlement forests.
Many people still believe, for instance, that national parks represent some primeval state of nature.
We are here alone with nature, surrounded by old primeval things.

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It's the boxers who attract the real women, after all, with their raw primeval strength, beautifully toned ... more
But we, in anchor-watches calm, The Indian Psyche's languor won, And, musing, breathed primeval balm From E... more
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