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Summer is the prime time to make this drive, though spring and fall can also be pleasant.
And the thyme it is wither'd, and rue is in prime.
The answer to that question is prime pop culture trivia.
Casting about for prime numbers might seem like an odd avocation, but there's a financial incentive for skilled mathematicians.
This ecoregion is also a prime spot for migrating birds.
There was also the health-care crisis of the 1990s, which became a prime motivator for embracing non-Western medical traditions.
Supermassive black holes have long been a prime suspect.
Now the world is past the prime.
About 80 percent of the islands' land area is covered with rain forest, making it prime habitat for tropical plants and animals.
The illustrations include just enough detail to prime side observations from pre-readers and still keep the focus on the verse.
One day the couple discovers a miraculous spring, and a single sip from it restores them to the prime of youth.
In the mailing of a tariff bill the prime motive is taxation and the securing thereby of a revenue.
College is a prime moment for students, including many older students, to question and redefine their core sense of who they are.
Recognition is a prime example of intuitive, rapid, effortless cognition.
Volcanism has been the prime suspect, because lava flows can fill in and obscure craters.
It's a prime number, which for these purposes, is even better.
The likely rocky planet orbits squarely in its star's habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for life, astronomers report.
It could be that the spiders are growing larger because their prime hunting season is longer.
Though sometimes crowded, the prime coastline is so vast that you can undoubtedly find an area to surf all by yourself.
Maybe those left in the caves are the ones who, for whatever reason, didn't use the prime habitat.
He never finished his tomb-maybe he couldn't escape his old connections and was booted out of this prime burial site.
The prime minister will make a speech and say that an earthquake is imminent.
Cherry blossoms fall in their prime, as samurai warriors were meant to do.
And as the prime reserves of shale gas are depleted, the gas from remaining reserves may be more expensive to produce.
The prime minister will probably survive a sleaze inquiry.
The waiter places a perfectly grilled, prime-grade beefsteak before you and then reveals that it came from a cloned steer.
In other words, the fungus was transported via the zombie ant to its prime location.
The racks leading up to the checkout line are prime real estate for impulse buys.
They hunted and killed animals in their prime, not the stragglers and weak back of the pack, animals.
Emily seems to be a prime example of our public school alumni.
Common side effects of antibiotic treatments, such as yeast infections, are a prime example of these silent shifts.
But today the old army grounds thrive as one of the city's prime shopping and dining districts.
Many an expensive gadget has been cut down in its prime by an accidental soaking.
Have the prop act as prime mover driving the generator rotor and it produces electricity, charging the batteries.
Remember that solar and wind need prime locations with a method of storing their offline generation.
Eight years on, the candidate is visibly past his prime, and he seemed tired.
These two are prime examples of the if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them principle.
Andy knew the prime placement for spotting twisters is southeast of the action.
But that first taste of peanut was all that her body needed to prime her for the almost-deadly reaction seven months later.
The major television networks now devote an hour of early prime time to this sort of drivel.
Urban or built-up areas of the soils listed are not considered prime farmland.
Civilization may have been hanging in the balance, but the prime minister wanted his bath.
We see here perhaps the prime example of the improvisation inherent in the state of exception.

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