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If not careful in its usual place up in the trees, this primate often wound up as an owl's midnight feast.
Today there are twice as many primate species as there were then.
The ability to detect threatening snakes may have shaped the visual system of our primate ancestors, a new study says.
Now the growing number of people nearby pose a threat to the furtive primate.
Primate brains have not always gotten bigger as they evolved, according to new research.
In this lesson, students examine the different branches of the primate family tree.
Information about what makes an animal a primate should be included.
Then they excluded human genes that also exist in primate relatives, but are disabled.
One persistent question has been how, and why, humans came to be so different from our primate ancestors.
One possible answer a comes from the rich literature of nonhuman primate studies.
The researchers videotaped the subjects while showing them a unique human or primate face together with a previously viewed image.
Because the skeleton is so remarkably complete, scientists believe it will provide a window into primate evolution.
Orangutans, those red-haired knuckle-dragging apes, are loping today into the upper echelons of the primate hierarchy.
We have small, soft teeth, and our guts are smaller than those of any other primate relative to body size.
The equally rare tarsier is a tiny, monogamous primate that only comes out after dark.
Other animals may whimper, moan and wail, but none sheds tears of emotion--not even our closest primate cousins.
Feelings of triumph and dominance are part of a long heritage of primate evolution and human social development.
Check out these facts, photos, and video to find out more about this great primate.
After years of conducting primate research, he began studying the ethics of animal research.
The primate who taught other primates how to survive in the wild.
Primate research suggests that a biological explanation applies as well.
No primate, with the exception of humans, is known to live in a colder climate.
The ape subsequently tore apart and ate the smaller primate.
Each of these three primate species is found in only a small area of forest and nowhere else.
Ring-tailed lemurs may be primitive detours off the primate line, but they have impressive numerical abilities.
Primate foamy viruses can infect humans harmlessly, but researchers fear they may evolve to become dangerous.
When they watch another primate doing something, they seem to focus on what its goals are and ignore its actions.
Instead, they also found images of a primate they did not recognize.
Staring into the eyes of any primate, humans included, is a great way to incite hostility.
Instead it evolved gradually, beginning with our earliest hominid and even our primate ancestors.
Often the nonhuman primate carries and transmits disease without any visible signs.
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