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Example sentences for primary care

But they also emphasize primary care and preventive care, addressing diseases and problems before they become major.
What really shines through is the gap between primary care and technology.
The uninsured, it's said, use emergency rooms for primary care.
Some are diversifying away from primary care to specialist drugs, vaccines, generics or diagnostics.
One idea would be to incentivize primary care physicians to get their patients to lose weight.
Primary care doctors are an endangered breed of physician, a new survey suggests.
Primary care doctors began prescribing the pills, and use quickly soared.
Partly, this has to do with money-incomes in geriatrics and adult primary care are among the lowest in medicine.
But that's not what surgeons do, and it's not what hot spotters in primary care do, either.
If they were asked, they said that primary care doctors or emergency departments had referred them.
Make sure that someone at the hospital you are leaving lets your primary care doctor know that you are loose on the street.
Primary care is an approach to health care that emphasizes keeping people healthy, rather than merely treating illness.
There is a reason the shortage of primary care physicians is a concern central to health care reform.
Experts call for integrating mental health into primary care.
And primary care doctors don't do as much as they could to emphasize prevention.
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