primary beam in a sentence

Example sentences for primary beam

Plans for the next two years include improved resolution, data collection, and primary beam focusing.
If the human holder's hands are in or near the primary beam, then ring badges must also be provided.
Accelerators generate ionizing radiation when the primary beam is activated.
If procedures require an individual's extremities to be in or near the primary beam, then ring badges should also be used.
Primary beam transmission through the image receptor support.
During fluoroscopic imaging, diagnostic information is carried in the primary beam.
X-ray diffraction systems have the capability to cause permanent injury following a brief exposure to the primary beam.
Determine timer accuracy at various settings over the useful range, the adequacy of primary beam filtration.
All skin doses at newly tabulated locations are lower than the skin dose at the primary beam entrance location.
Individual doses estimated based on primary beam location, beam quality and the source-to-skin distance.
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