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The nervous, intense vitality of his line took primacy over everything else.
The fallacy of shareholder primacy then becomes evident when customers and workers migrate to other firms following such cuts.
So much for the primacy of independent thought and the life of the mind.
If there was any boxing-in, it is perhaps due to the primacy of the military principle of chain of command.
The primacy of social responsibility had been replaced by the primacy of economic efficiency and the virtues of the free market.
Another part of the reaction was science, the systematic application of the primacy of evidence as opposed to ideas.
Surely all right-thinking people agree on the primacy of well-being.
People not of your religion now have lost equal footing, your religious belief has primacy.
There is a space for a fill or a roll at the end of a musical phrase, but the beat has primacy over the curlicues.
By hewing to this standard with literary flair and an eye as perceptive as her heart, she has established primacy in her field.
Disturbing trends began, especially the primacy of finance over manufacturing, that have continued to this day.
One element that remained constant in both bands was the primacy of the song, the importance of the melody.
Their primacy, and the reverence in which they are held, belong to the unquestioned foundation on which the whole edifice rests.
On the other hand, cable has whittled away at the primacy of the biggest shows.
Messing around with my favorite topic-the primacy of action over blah blah blah.
At the dawn of the automobile age, steam, internal combustion and electricity competed for primacy of propulsion.
State primacy agencies may have additional requirements for record keeping.
Outlines the process for state primacy applications.

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