prim in a sentence

Example sentences for prim

To ask this, both sides insist with prim faces, is entirely to miss the point.
Tract houses on prim lanes have been built over the original pasture.
But compared to the scrawny, chain-smoking veterans on his newsdesk he was in truth remarkably prim.
Too many dancers looked too prim and proper to be peasants and they seldom filled the stage with their energy.

Famous quotes containing the word prim

José's my first non-rat romance. Not that he's my idea of the absolute finito. He's too prim and cautious ... more
How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot! With his features of clerical cut, And his brow so grim And his mouth so primmore
The prig never learns anything unconsciously or instinctively. He learns only what he feels is worth learning; anything ... more
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