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They posed as priests and rabbis to acquire sacramental wine.
Priests initiated important games with offerings of incense in nearby temples.
The only people allowed to enter were members of the royal family, their entourage and priests.
The trade has become highly technical, meaning only devoted professionals can earn a living from once was the pastime of priests.
The high priests have dismissed it so it can not be relevant.
Religion is propagated through castes of priests holding the right beliefs.
They were stand-ins for village elders, parents, teachers and priests.
Evolutionists must wake up and refuse to blindly accept what their high priests tell them.
So they could have travelled all that way for nothing because the priests could turn them away.
But the priests of closely held corporate data will not go gentle into the light.
Neither jazz entertainers nor jazz priests are attracting any audience now.
Although there are currently no sisters at the local high school, there are a number of priests.
Many priests and others died of their torments, or of the hardships of their dungeons.
After the last of these burnings, here were no more nuns but only a few secular priests.
Priests urged believers to vote in churches across the south.
And he plans to trim the huge tax perks enjoyed by such pampered groups as peasant farmers, priests, policemen and journalists.
Corporate chaplains can perform the role of traditional village priests.
Most priests were employees of wealthy farmers, who were interested in writing both for practical purposes and for entertainment.
To begin with, they were exclusively friars and priests attached to the monastery.
It's now believed he died from a leg infection even though some people think he was killed by the high priests.
Priests as a group are simply not in touch with the laity.
Of course, there are many sorts of priests and nuns-those who despise their converts included.
The oracle was said to have issued pronouncements to priests through the rustling of a sacred oak tree.
He was the outstanding figure among a few such priests.
The marketing executives are the new high priests of the movie business.
She and her father ate off the plates meant for the priests who visited.
It turned out that there were certain priests who cast out demons as a specialty.
One goal was to stamp out immorality: get the priests to stop marrying, stop selling ecclesiastical offices, live by their vows.
He knows he will be sacrificed and the priests carry him away.
He was granted an audience with the priests but it had to be held elsewhere and his demands were firmly set aside.
Priests burned offerings at the top of the multilevel platforms, as each layer of society gazed up from its proper elevation.
It was a source of hilarity for him and the other altar boys, and when the priests scolded them, it only added to the fun.
In one room are the high priests of amyloid preaching to the converted.
Climate change was to science and media what abusive priests are to religion.
Then there's the wonderful lesson, don't insult priests.
But he never stopped ministering to others, including former priests and pastors who followed a similar path.

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