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He pulled down a handful of prickly husks and went on eating the contents.
The only way up is to walk-over loose rock, past prickly brush and rattlesnakes-with frequent pauses to catch one's breath.
It is impossible to tell at the moment, but it certainly would have made mating an prickly prospect for these animals.
Gift guide: the perfect present for prickly friends.
With a teaspoon, scoop out the prickly center until you get to the bottom.
It is the season of suicide and divorce and prickly dread, wherever the wind blows.
Soon they were busy round a prickly fir-tree at the end of the lawn.
Over the course of the film, the two develop a prickly touch-and-go relationship.
They can't afford not to be in direct contact with the prickly truth.
Hedgehogs have prickly spines everywhere except on their face, legs, and bellies.
Only a few millimeters across, this prickly creature is a larval spider crab.
Animal life includes wolves and wild mountain cats as well as prickly porcupines.
Think of the national emblem, a blossoming thistle, and you have a hint of its prickly charm.
Then it appeared that these plots were completely planted in prickly pear.
On benches above the streambed, yellow and pink blooms of prickly pear cactus herald the spring.
Her partners in the four-party coalition are prickly.
He is acclaimed for his advocacy of web standards, books and a sometimes prickly manner.
Endemic power cuts hamper industry and transport, as does a sluggish and prickly bureaucracy.
First, there is the prickly matter of race and religion.
It has been reluctant to flip off the taps for fear of destabilising its prickly neighbour.
He then executed a prickly legal manoeuvre: he filed for an abandonment.
Too much planning can alienate the prickly eccentrics who sometimes drive the creative process.
The second one clears out the sinuses and leaves the tongue and throat throbbing with prickly heat.
And over time she has become increasingly prickly when people suggest otherwise.
The fins of these prickly fish carry poisonous venom.
But you never know when his prickly personality could get him in trouble with more important folks than his players.
The bar features a wide selection of beers and martinis, including the house specialty called the prickly pear.
Greasewood is a prickly shrub highly tolerant of the salty, or alkaline, soils typical of the region's playas.
He paid it in a hurry, hitting his drive on the first playoff hole into a prickly gorse bush.
They are prickly, oddly cold and highly intelligent, and they take a fierce pride in their work.
He prefers the prickly, the individual, the brilliant.
Presidents must have simple manners too, concealing pride and other prickly emotions.
He has always been prickly with the press about his personal life.
Plains prickly pear mortality was related to fuel load and all measures of heat.
Trees with prickly appendages on their stems are easy to identify by these appendages.
Prickly pear has fleshy, flattened pads covered with clusters of fine sharp spikes.
Glyphosate is generally ineffective on prickly paddy melon and is not recommended.
It is important to distinguish perennial sow thistle from annual sow thistle and prickly lettuce.

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What is this beast, she thought, with muscles on his arms like a bag of snakes? What is this moss on his legs? What more
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