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You'll get the look of a pricey oversize mirror without spending the cash.
Here's the only hitch: the hotel is a little pricey.
They may seem a bit pricey, but a few go a long way to enhance other foods.
They can be pricey, and they won't eliminate your need for a laptop, but the initial cost leads to long term advantages.
Tickets are too pricey for all but rich business folk and foreign tourists, and those customers find the line inconvenient.
Developing a custom processor is becoming ever more pricey.
Dear oil is the reason for today's pricey petrol, and the global oil market is beyond the government's control.
Cost-conscious governments everywhere are bashing pricey patented drugs even as they boost cheap generics.
Though the fuel is inexpensive, building facilities is pricey.
And they are less pricey than wired networks, especially for faster connections.
Shares are deemed pricey when the p/e ratio is above its long-run average.
Advertising during the biggest sporting events is pricey.
Sephora's financial problems partly stem from its expensive store fittings and pricey brands.
Angry franchise-holders had launched lawsuits against the firm and customers were shunning its pricey sandwiches.
Local land laws make it impossible to get a mortgage, forcing buyers to use pricey personal loans instead.
In many countries, mobile communications are still much more pricey that they could be, making them unaffordable for many.
For a start, the cars will be pricey-even after various subsidies.
Oil projects look increasingly pricey and risky-and they will always depend on a volatile oil market.
The problem-for everyone-is that attracting top players is pricey but is essential to ensure continuing success.
However, it can also be a rather pricey destination.
The costs of transportation, food and entertainment can all add up to one pricey package.
Eating every meal out can get quite pricey or can be difficult for people on special diets.
It doesn't take an airfare expert to see this summer is going to be pricey.
You've found that perfect, pricey gift for your significant other.
But they're still pricey enough that you'll kick yourself if yours is lost or stolen.
Elevator installation is a mature business, yet change is under way as office space and energy get pricey.
His nine-year-old, silver-furred friend was suffering from kidney failure and he likely needed a pricey kidney transplant.
The concern also pertains to the societal impact of pricey treatments.
Short-term programs are typically less pricey and more accessible to part-time and working students.
We could pay our mortgage in a pricey housing market.
When television networks agree to pricey sports deals, they often cover their costs by adding commercial air time during games.
But they are considered pricey, and need a lot of heat to work their magic-turning heat into cooling.
Pricey pastries are dusted in gold, and if you are really adventurous, you can get a cappuccino made with camel milk.
Some recipes that call for essential oils can get pricey, but essential oils are used for scent only in the case of detergent.
Opportunities to come all this way are far between and extremely pricey, demanding monumental feats of organization.
Parking at city hotels is pricey but free on-street or on-premise parking is available at some lodgings in the western section.
Unlike the sales of everything else these days-morning lattes, pricey dinners, corporate jets-the sales of chocolate are booming.
Meanwhile, the commitment to ubiquity had caused the firm to take on a mountain of debt to lease all that pricey real estate.
Even insurance plans that have co-pays can be prohibitively pricey.
Nonetheless, few teams made a concerted effort to trade away their pricey early draft picks for higher value late picks.
While that may seem pricey, it's still far below the cost of an equivalent solar panel system.
Those scans are pricey and can bring in big money to doctors practices, hospitals and imaging centers.
But such machines can be pricey, as can the individual tests, and the technology isn't always available in community hospitals.
It wastes less of the pricey material, and it's potentially much faster than other methods.
Don't be scammed by letters offering a pricey deed service.
Providing these forms gets pricey especially for a community size bank.
And many feel confused and powerless when their pricey educations don't translate into high paying jobs.
These are available after-market as well, but tend to be pricey.
These are usually the more pricey, for-profit experiences.
US products are known for being of good quality, but pricey.
The feedstock oils are food-grade quality and therefore pricey.
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