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But they also talk of difficult adjustments and of new pressures in caring for a priceless object.
And having access to university libraries is priceless.
At a time of economic turmoil, that is a priceless achievement.
Find out how a trove of priceless antiquities survived.
The historical information the site will yield is virtually priceless.
All kidding aside about this, the memories you create will be priceless.
You're behind the wheel of a priceless prototype at its big unveiling.
But, as the credit-card commercials say, the story is priceless.
It is also because of the restricted number of slots in this priceless bit of astronomical real estate.
In arid lands, the ability to create freshwater out of thin air would be priceless.
Enter a plane filled with lethal risks and priceless rewards.
Turning your head the other way when a faculty member plagiarizes a graduate student: priceless.
They say that an image is priceless, well the safety of my family is priceless as well.
Create the ultimate adventurer and join expeditions to find priceless artifacts of the ancient world.
The looks on their faces of excitement and pride are priceless.
The expression on our chair's face was particularly priceless.
Ironically, these priceless resources are squandered to manufacture goods in exchange for meaningless paper.
For the cult of the uncluttered, however, getting rid of those cables is priceless.
And the image of me on a segway chasing around the beach going after balloons and moles is somewhat priceless.
No doubt the look of immediate buyer's remorse would be priceless to behold.
Priceless ancient artifacts from the world's earliest cities were stolen or destroyed.
Create the ultimate adventurer and join expeditions to find priceless ancient artifacts.
Watching the color drain from his face was priceless.
My little sister was being pushed higher and higher the face of uncertainty was too priceless not to capture.
These photographs will be priceless in the years to come.
Once upon a time, few would question how a priceless antiquity left its host country.
Silence is golden, but the right mood music is priceless.
She has the unenviable task of taking a pair of scissors and cutting into a priceless masterpiece.
We were able to photograph many beautiful, priceless objects.
But you can't afford to take care of those priceless views if you don't have any money.
The sun hadn't yet burned off the mist, but the beachfront views were priceless.
But the resulting increase in life value due to knowing what workers are honestly getting into is priceless.
It was priceless to get to spend that time with my dad.
The service such an intermediary offers is priceless and can charge even standard investment banking fees.
And those rare and short live moments of high when you finally cracked a mystery are priceless.
Hyperinflation is people has no doubt that fiat money is worthless and goods are priceless.
Yet it still has a priceless treasure: books from its golden past.
Tickets to sit in the bleachers cost money, but roughing it on the sidewalk is priceless.
Your story is such a great reminder to appreciate the small things in life and the priceless things.
It may well disappoint us with it's mundane results but to have the truth would be priceless.
But, en route, the suitcase and its priceless cargo were stolen.
My education will be priceless while yours will be worthless.
Today anti-matter can be made only a few subatomic particles at a time, rendering it in effect priceless.
Having so much freedom to try new things and develop was a priceless experience.
Lab-made elements are the priceless gnats of chemistry.
Self awareness is priceless, even on a cellular level.
The entertainment value of this is priceless, but so is its value to illustrate the difference between science and non-science.
Yes, there were the records, priceless flotsam they seemed to us then.
Air is free precisely because it's so valuable that it's priceless.
So, that is how they got here, but here is why it is priceless.
The pacing, the celebrating and gesticulation were priceless.
So this world is going to bring us possibilities to really fight for causes that are priceless.
The conversations with reservations agents are also priceless.
Watch as skilled hands restore priceless relics to their original splendor.
Each contribution makes this project all the more priceless.
Likewise, he says, doubling the lifetime of a hip implant becomes a virtually priceless advantage for doctor and patient.
Information is power, and quicker access is priceless.
Through his life-long efforts he ensured that people everywhere could share that priceless heritage of music and song.

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