price war in a sentence

Example sentences for price war

Dealer lots are clogged with inventory, and a price war seems to be taking off.
The history books imply that the collapse was caused by technical drawbacks and a price war.
And in an almost static market in which the share of imported wines is growing, a price war looks only too likely.
Managers from all three ports mutter darkly about an impending price war.
When one producer ramps up production dramatically, a price war erupts.
The small, independent milk dealers continued their price war yesterday.
Already, a price war is looming, as dealers try to clear inventory for new models arriving in the fall.
Entire communities and counties are being severely damaged by this oil price war.
For the past several weeks, they have been engaged in a price war, with each firm attempting to undercut the other's prices.
The present controversy arises out of a price war involving these four stores.
With such a low farm value, it becomes easier to understand how the major cereal manufacturers engaged in a price war.
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