price range in a sentence

Example sentences for price range

The only thing they knew about each wine was the varietal and price range.
Zinfandels in this price range seldom have this much personality.
Once there, inquire about other lodging options in your price range.
High octane gasoline as well as ethyl alcohol fuel blends typically stay in the same price range, while alcohol has been cheaper.
Look for one that offers credits within your price range.
For your price range you will need a roommate, maybe two.
Check out a real-estate site and search for a few houses in your potential price range.
If you get a slower processor and pair down on some of the other things it should not be too far out of your price range.
The shares were priced near the top of the price range set by the company.
Two big online gaming firms set the price range for their respective initial public offerings later this month.
Similarly, many small businesses are hiring topnotch business-school students who would normally be outside their price range.
Greenspan adjusted interest rates in his first term to target a price range for gold.
Typical floor plans and price range may be had on application.
New motors are expensive, and out of the price range of subsistence farmers.
These cottages offer many options depending on party size, personal preferences and price range.
Options include dozens of nightlife, shopping and recreation activities, as well as hotels in every price range.
Decide on a day and time that will work for everyone and set a price range so everyone is on the same page.
The eatery serves breakfast all day, as well as lunch, dinner and appetizers in the inexpensive price range.
Get an idea of what you can buy in a particular price range, and what amenities are available.
For its price range and proximity to the beach, though, it is a fantastic value.
But you can't have it swathed in the goodies you'd get in those other models in the same price range.
If doubling up isn't your flavor or beyond your price range, it's perfectly acceptable to simply single-fist it.
It would also be within the price range of gamers and technology enthusiasts.
He gave her three referrals to doctors in her price range, but she was never able to connect with any of them.
The clothes should be made by various companies and be available in many local stores in a wide price range.
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